Advice | Thank you for reminding me


I was asked recently why I do what I do when interviewing people because I don’t work for a magazine or a newspaper or any “real” publication. It wasn’t something I’d actually been asked before by anyone and it made me think.

I like learning about new things. Even now I think I should never really have left education, I enjoy the process of learning new information, putting that new knowledge into practise and improving on my skills each and every day although it also made me think back to trying to get a job with a newspaper when I was still studying at university.

I was told then, in no uncertain terms, that because I didn’t have a particular qualification no publication would ever look at me as a serious candidate. It wasn’t that I couldn’t do the job because I truly believe that I’d do a damn fine job of anything I set my mind to, but because I didn’t have a qualification in shorthand. I couldn’t write using the strange squiggles and I still can’t, even though I bought a book to teach myself. I can however type faster than most people can talk and I could use a dictaphone and transcribe the interview. Yes it might take me longer that way, but I’m pretty sure I could put in the work and still meet any deadline I’m set.

That being said, I want to walk into my next attempt at a job with a portfolio of interviews and articles I’ve written to prove that I can do what they want and I can and will achieve anything that I set my mind to.

That’s why I do what I do, to prove those close minded people wrong. To show that just because I don’t have a certain qualification, it doesn’t mean I can’t do what they want.

Thank you Briaen, a wonderful, sweet and kind guy who reminded me that I am doing something good, that if I set my mind to something I can achieve anything. In interviewing Briaen I was reminded that determination and a will to succeed will always overcome narrow minded people in this world, you just have to believe in it enough.

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