Mobile Photography | Apps I can’t live without! 

You’ve seen all those beautiful photographs on Instagram right? You know those gorgeous photos of food, or coffee or pets… Or  the amazingly beautiful selfies? How can you take photos like that? Take a look at these handy free apps for your phone to improve the quality of your pictures. It’s really not as hard as it looks, trust me!

Snapseed – This is a free app from the Apple Store and has so many really handy features. It has a number of great features that allows you to play with filters and tools in the post-processing before you upload your photos. I already have some of my favourite filters in this app, lens blur and the vignette are my absolute favourite and it’s amazing what you can do with a free piece of software for your iPhone!


ColorPop – I love, love, love this app! It’s especially perfect if you have a photo that has one particularly bright focal point you want to make stand out. I love the mix of black and white and colour on this photo of Guillaume Desbiens.


QuickFlip – This one is great for exactly what it says. Mirroring your images. For me I like to use it to make sure that the reflection in the mirror has the name of my favourite player round the right way to read. Vain? Maybe.. But it’s still hella useful! Kuznetsov just doesn’t look right backwards!

Layout – For those (like me!) who can’t bare the thought of only sharing one photo a post on Instagram! I love this app and it’s great for sharing a few similar images in one post as opposed to “spamming” your followers with many in quick succession.


Phonto – Nope that’s not a spelling mistake, that’s actually the name of the app and it’s brilliant if you want to scrawl a message on your photo before sharing it! Be it a birthday message, watermark or your web address, this app is great for getting your message across on your graphic and especially useful if you’re an avid Pinterest user.


MeItuPic – Now this one is great for selfies! To look at it’s icon you might think it’s quite complex but once you’re in there and having a good look around the possibilities of this app are pretty endless. The filters in there are particularly good for giving you clear skin in your photos which of course is what everyone wants! I often use this one before sharing my photos on social media.


What other apps do you use on your phone for photos? I’d love to hear from you as I’m always down for trying out some new ones! Let me know in a comment below or on my Facebook page!

* All these photos are my own and these are my own opinions. I’ve not been paid to endorse any of these applications.

10 thoughts on “Mobile Photography | Apps I can’t live without! ”

    1. Have you ever heard of a platform called It’s amazing and they have so many online photography classes that you can learn so much from. Everything is on there in some class or other and the classes are really affordable too.


    1. Thank you for your comment! If you find it really helpful could you perhaps give me a share on your social media? As bloggers we all know how helpful that is in boosting our reach and readership.

      Thanks again! Have a wonderful day!


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