Two minutes | With Josh Godfrey 


This is the first in a series I want to do of short burst interviews. They’re completely off-the-cuff and spontaneous; questions off the top of my head and questions that I want answers to.

The first in this series is with Josh Godfrey of the EIHL’s Coventry Blaze. I had the opportunity to meet him in the Sky Lounge at the Skydome Coventry this evening after the Blaze’s nail-biting 4-3 overtime win over the Dundee Stars. Josh was a great sport and not knowing anything about him besides the team he currently plays for, this is very much an introduction to him for those who have never heard of him before.

I would have done some research beforehand, but there was no warning as to which players would come into the Sky Lounge after the game so this really was me completely flying by the seat of my pants!



Hazel: So, how long have you been playing with the team?

Josh: I’ve been with the team only a little while, this is my first year. I played in Norway and Germany before here.

Then I ask about his cap, he’s wearing a Washington Nationals snapback and being a Washington Capitals fan I just can’t help myself!

Hazel: You’re a Nationals fan?

Josh: Oh yeah, I was drafted by Washington so we used to go and watch their games quite a lot.

Hazel: What brought you to the Coventry Blaze?

Josh: Well, I will play wherever people want me. That and I used to play with [Brian] Stewart before and him being here was a factor, that and I can go to school here. I was drafted young and I didn’t get the opportunity to go to school, so I want to do that now.

Hazel: So you get the chance to study while doing what you love? That’s kind of awesome, what are you studying?

Josh: Sports management. I could skip over the Undergraduate part because I had so much experience with playing the sport and I do a couple of classes a week fitting it in around playing here.

Hazel: Is that something you want to do when you retire? 

Josh: Yeah, I’d like to go into the business side of a team.


Having come home and done a little research I’ve discovered that he was drafted in 2006, age 18 by the Washington Capitals.He was drafted in the second round of the 2006 NHL Entry Draft (34th overall) and on November 6, 2007, The Capitals signed him to a three-year entry level contract. Since then he’s played for a number of teams all over America and Europe, as he said, wherever he was needed.

He was such a good sport to talk to me, especially when I was accompanied by my 2 year old sidekick, Sophia, who decided to talk to him all about the toys she had in her backpack.

Thank you Josh for being such a good sport and humouring her and me!

Feature photo: Philip Roylance (p_r_83 on Instagram)

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6 thoughts on “Two minutes | With Josh Godfrey ”

  1. This is awesome! I love that you are able to just ask people questions and have conversations easily, I love interview pieces and getting to know other people this way. Keep it up!


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