Opportunity Knocks… You Answer.


I have never been the sort of person to be given anything for free, it makes me quiet uncomfortable. I was raised in such a way that the things you got given in life were earned, for good or ill.

Karma, some people call it. For if you did something good, you received good things back and if you did something, whether you mean to or not, that was bad that would come back to you as well.

There have been times when I’ve been called selfish for my decisions even though they made me happy and this often stopped me doing things or at least second guessing myself, even now as an adult. I question as to why things happen, what have I done to deserve whatever has come my way. This was especially true when they weren’t what other people thought was best for me. Everyone else isn’t you, do what makes you happy because you know? If you’re not happy with you, then how can you make someone else happy? I took opportunities that came my way and they have enriched my life beyond measure.

Occasionally life can throw you a real curve ball. Something that you don’t anticipate. Often the snap decisions are the best ones. I had been engaged for nearly 4 years when finding out that my grandmother had been diagnosed with cancer and my now husband and I decided that we wanted to get married so that she could be there and still be relatively well for it. We quickly had our daughter for the same reason. It’s something we probably wouldn’t have done, but the opportunity came and although it was sad circumstances we had an amazing day and having my Nanna there is something I’ll never forget.

In terms of this blog, I’ve taken so many opportunities that have come my way. I decided I wanted to write again just after the new year and wanted to write about my passion, which is hockey for now anyway. I’m one of those people who moves from one thing to another but I’m hoping this is going to stick. I really really want this to stick and I think it will as I’m writing this now. Come back in a year and see if I’m still here! (ha!)

Since I decided to start this I’ve begun writing for OnFire magazine which is the match programme monthly guide to the Coventry Blaze Ice Hockey team, which is a pretty amazing experience. I’m one of those people who worries that I’ll be rejected, but I always come back to this quote and think what the hell, what can I lose? Don’t ask, don’t get.

I’ve also been given the opportunity to review some amazing hockey apparel by Fiveon3 clothing. That came about by saying I was going to buy something to review on here and they offered it to me to review for them which for the person who feels they have to earn everything and that nothing comes for free was just, mind blowing. I can’t wait for all that to arrive to see not only what they want me to review but also to try it out for myself! I’ll keep you posted on that. I’ve asked my sister at Elana West Photography to take photos for the blog and my Instagram so that you all can see what I received and see what the clothing is like. I can’t wait for you all to share with me all these new products and hopefully join me in rocking the FiveOn3 brand.

Opportunities come towards you on a daily basis, take them with both hands, say thank you and run with them. See where you can go with them because I can promise you, if it feels right? Then it probably is and who knows where they might take you? It might make you the happiest you’ve ever been and you’ll never know. I’ve definitely taken a new mindset recently to go out and find great opportunities and shots.


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