Washington Capitals | From the Archives

Friday Night at 11pm (local time) By morning Backstrom and taller CAPS gnome were buried! (photo taken by Kelly Coggshall)

 Oh the weather outside is frightful,
but the fire is so delightful,
since we’ve no place to go…
Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

How about no?? Give us hockey right??

The Washington Capitals fans not only in the DC area but all over the world are starting to get withdrawals…. The Facebook groups I’m part of are inundated with threads to help us ease through the drought without too much twitchiness.

Twitter went crazy for a few hours on Friday as Winter Storm Jonas headed towards the east coast, with bored fans trying to come up with winter themed monikers for our favourite players.

You’d think that would be sufficient entertainment wouldn’t you?

When we’d done with the main roster we moved onto the Hershey Bears. There were some pretty funny ones too! #TJSnowshie, #Snovechkin… How about some Nate Schmittens to ward off the Tom Chillson?

Does anyone remember what Ovi’s grin looks like?? He’s not been in the Ovi office for our amusement now in 6 days, with two games postponed and the possibility of another on Wednesday (say it ain’t snow…) this whole Latta snow is just becoming a fans nightmare.

All we wanna do is #RockTheRed!

If you can’t take the lack of Caps hockey any longer; I’ve done the hard part and searched YouTube for some old Caps games you can watch in the meantime. These are ones I’ve watched time and again, but if for some reason the links don’t work where you are, let me know.

  1. Pittsburgh Penguins @ Washington Capitals 2/7/10
  2. Winter Classic 2015 Chicago Blackhawks @ Washington Capitals 1/1/2015
  3. Winter Classic 2011 Washington Capitals @ Pittsburgh Penguins 1/1/2011
  4. Washington Capitals @ New York Rangers 29/3/2015
  5. Washington Capitals @ Montreal Canadiens 2/4/2015

I know this is how I’ve been getting by. I hope at least one of these links will keep your Caps Hockey withdrawal twitches at bay and in all honesty? Wednesday cannot come soon enough!


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