Product Review | Grey and Black Bobble Hat from FiveOn3

See now, I’m a beanie addict. Since I got my dreadlocks back in August of 2014. So caps, just don’t work for me. Beanies though? I live in beanies.

So when this one from Fiveon3 arrived, I was really excited to try it. Often, they don’t fit right with my thick hair and with the added bulk of my locks, often it’s just not a match, no matter how much I might want it to be.


This one fit well and has plenty of give for me but shrinks back down small enough that my little girl can also wear it. It’s not scratchy or irritating on the skin like some beanies I’ve worn before and it’s so soft! It really is true to it’s description in that it is one size fits all. I couldn’t be happier with it and it comes with a huge recommendation from me here at

I haven’t tried washing it yet, but I’m not normally a washer of hats unless somehow I manage to get them absolutely filthy, so I’ll let you know how that goes when the time comes!

This beanie is only £10 and well worth the money. I’ve paid quite a lot more before now for a beanie and some of them haven’t been half as comfy to wear as this one! I definitely recommend FiveOn3. If you’re looking to grab some seriously cool hockey gear, go check out their website.



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