NHL AllStar Game | Is it still fun?  

Photo: @washcaps on Twitter

There has been much speculation in the last couple of weeks over whether the NHL is losing touch with their fans in terms of the All-Star weekend.

With 44 players from the leagues 30 teams descending on Nashville, TN this weekend and the controversy surrounding the John Scott fiasco, the NHL has been accused of sucking the fun out of the weekend.

Tuning into the festivities on NBCSN this evening I wasn’t holding what I’d see in high regards. However, as we approach the hardest shot competition I have so far enjoyed what I’ve seen. The photos and videos coming through Twitter and Facebook, taken by the players on the sidelines shows them having a lot of fun. The fans in Nashville are loud, they’re crazy and they’re enjoying themselves.

As John Scott lines up to take his turn to shoot on goal, the crowd goes nuts. The former Arizona Coyotes enforcer hasn’t had the easiest road to this game and with so many rumours flying he told the story from his side here. His jersey sold out in record time and it’s  no surprise, he’s gained so many new fans.

His article with Players Tribune was eloquently written and showcased a man who is humble. A man who just wants to make his way in a league of high scorers and heavy hitters. It was believed that his subsequent trade to Montreal and his downgrade to the minor leagues would put a downer on the weekend but so far, I don’t think that’s true.

The breakaway challenge brought a huge crowd to their feet to cheer on their favourite players. The players themselves are having a great time and just sat at home on my couch, I’m having a great time. The energy of the players is infectious, everyone is smiling and laughing and joking around.

I look forward to the games tomorrow and I look forward to being part of the action, even from my couch here in the UK. I might not be there in person but I am 100% there in spirit.

For those in the UK, the game is available on Premier Sports. Coverage begins from 10pm GMT with the Eastern Conference facing off first.

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