Steelers @ The Blaze | What the Puck??! 

With the loss last night still fresh in the mind of the Sheffield Steelers they come to the Skydome tonight seeking retribution and two vital points.

After a heated scrum in the first period involving several players from both sides and a momentary interlude to decide on punishment, play resumed with Fitzgerald, Hewitt and Eddy all receiving penalties for the Steelers and Pietrus, Valabik and others for the Coventry Blaze.

This photo was taken just prior to the scrum mentioned above.

Play continues and within the last 5 the Steelers hit the back of the net, a beaut of a goal from Philips, answered not a minute later by Blaze’s Jorgensen leaving the score going into the break at one a piece.

It was a turning point in the game and with each team continuing the physicality throughout the period and it is only a sign of what’s to come. Plenty of scraps, far too many long decisions and lots of minutes in the box it’s just one thing after another for both teams.

Blaze capitalises on the Steelers frustrations and quickly make the score 4-1. With a disallowed goal at 9 minutes into the second for the Steelers, tempers are flaring and penalties are coming thick and fast. With Steelers chants of “You don’t know what you’re doing.” The long wait continues before Fitzgerald is given a hefty penalty of 2 minutes for slashing, 2 plus 10 for instigation and 5 for fighting for a blood inducing punch to Pietrus meaning he’ll spend much of the rest of the game in the box.

Coming out in the third the Steelers seem to have calmed a bit, but not much. Tempers are still running high and the Blaze are out manning and out playing them. A nice save for Brad Day at 7:36 saves the Steelers from a larger deficit and the Steelers return to full strength after an earlier hooking call.

The celebrations begin for the Coventry Blaze after defeating the Sheffield Steelers 5-1

With a final goal in the last few moments the final goal tally is 5-1 to the Coventry Blaze. A 4 point weekend for the Blaze and unfortunatly a disappointing one for the Steelers. Who now linger behind second place Braehead Clan.

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