EIHL | So Close! Blaze’s Stewart denies Sheffield yet again.

It started out as just another game, a clean slate after last weekends 4 point loss to the Blaze. The Steelers came out of the blocks looking a little… Loose? Bear with me here, this isn’t by any means a post to tell the world I’ve jumped ship. Far from it in fact.

With the Blaze getting the first goal after only 1:39, (albeit better than the 12 seconds it took the Giants to score the day before) and with Pinc and Desbiens making some greats stops the Steelers answered at 11:45 with a goal by Stromberg.

This first period wasn’t without it’s controversies as a delayed penalty called on Desbiens, resulted in Coventry’s second goal of the night and although the goal was both announced and celebrated by the Blue Army it took the referees a minute or so to decide if it was indeed a goal. The whistle was blown before the puck hit the back of the net. The goal stood. Scored by the Blaze’s Jorgensen. Just before the break the Steelers just don’t quite make the clearance and Brendan Walker makes the goal tally 3-1.

Coming out in the second, the Steelers looked more composed and more focused, though penalties for roughing coming thick and fast for both teams as Coventry aim to stop the Steelers from bringing the score to equal. (SPOILER: They didn’t in this period, but they did in the 3rd!) The only goal coming this period from the Steelers Stromberg, and we’re back in the game! Even with a shot coming from the Blaze which almost rebounded back into Pinc‘s net. Ben O’Connor comes to the rescue with a beautiful clearance pass keeping the Steel City side from a two goal deficit.

The feeling in the Orange end feels a lot more positive as we go into another break. Chatting with some of the other fans who have travelled today, they’re in good spirits. Lots of noise coming from the Sheffield fans, myself included as the team set out to break their losing streak against the Blaze.

Conny Stromberg was without question the MOTM for Sheffield tonight, at least he was for me anyway. Within a minute of play in the third he was down on the ice. Whispers all around me of ‘Oh no, not another injury. We really don’t need this.’ and I couldn’t agree more. Sheffield have been plagued with injuries throughout the season but in true Conny form, he got up, dusted himself off and within 7 minutes, not only was he back… But he’d scored the third goal of the night with an assist from Vestberg. Boy, do we have a swede, swede thing going on there. The score now three a piece. The fans all around the Skydome are loud, both those in Blue as well as in Orange.

Ten minutes left in regulation and Coventry’s Lauzon blasts in a blinder to bring the score to 4-3. With a cracking attempt by Guillaume Desbiens which hit the bar, it was neck and neck to the end thanks to Cullen Eddy. A vast improvement on the previous visits to the Skydome and the game moves to overtime.

To keep this simple, OT was basically ALL Steelers, ALL the time. With six seconds to go O’connor hits the crossbar and a scrap ensues between him and Coventry’s Noble. Punches were exchanged but no penalties were given.

So, so many close shots, at least one coming off the metal but Stewart just stood tall… or did the splits across this goal line. Yeah, way more of the latter (man does that guy lurve to do that…) but with the same outcome. We went to penalties. *sigh* Pinc v Stewart.

  1. Mosienko DENIED
  2. Fisher SCORED
  3. Stromberg DENIED
  4. Pietrus SCORED

There you have it… The blow by blow of the game as best as I know how. After the game I was determined to get a moment to talk with both Paul Thompson and Guillaume Desbiens, particularly to discuss some of the early calls from the officials. These reactions will be available later today.

Oh and you know how I said this wasn’t me jumping ship? These guys did us proud today, we may not have got the win, but they didn’t let the Blaze get on top of them. After the first, they pushed continually at the net, there were so many close chances and as we went into overtime, the outcome, although important wasn’t so important because to us, the fans, they’d done all they could have to stop it from getting this far. From 3-1 down to 4-4? I think that speaks for itself, they pulled the game back and just couldn’t seem to beat Stewart and get that last goal needed for the win. Though it certainly wasn’t for lack of trying. Every single man on that ice bearing the Steelers logo made their fans proud, we salute you and you know what?

We’ll get ’em next time.


EDIT: For all those wanting the penalties for last night… Sometimes my brain runs away from me and if there are any I have missed let me know!

1st Period

  • 2′ CB – David Clements Boarding – 2 mins
  • 5′ CB – Jim Jorgensen Roughing – 2 mins
  • 5′ SS – Tyler Mosienko Roughing – 2 mins
  • 5′ CB –Boris Valabik Roughing – 2+2 mins
  • 7′ CB – Michael Quesnele Slashing – 2 mins
  • 9′ SS – Cullen Eddy Holding – 2 mins
  • 13′ CB – Drew Fisher Charging – 2 mins
  • 13′ SS – Jeff Legue Slashing – 2 mins

2nd Period

  • 26′ SS Jonathan Philips Roughing – 2 mins
  • 26′ CB James Isaacs Roughing – 2 mins
  • 27′ SS Ben O’Connor Roughing – 2 mins
  • 27′ CB Boris Valabik Roughing – 2 mins
  • 28′ Coventry Blaze Too many men on the ice – 2 mins
  • 31′ CB David Clements Tripping – 2 mins
  • 32′ CB James Isaacs Delay of Game – 2 mins
  • 39′ SS Rod Sarich Roughing – 2 mins
  • 39′ CB Carl Lauzon Slashing – 2 mins

3rd Period

  • 51′ CB Drew Fisher Holding The Stick – 2 min


  • 61′ CB Boris Valabik Hooking – 2 mins
  • 64′ CB Kevin Noble Roughing – 2+2 mins
  • 64′ SS Ben O’Connor Roughing – 2+2 mins

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