Two minutes | With Nicole Jackson

I spoke to Nicole Jackson, who as well as being a back up goalie for the Steeldogs she also plays for GB National Ice Hockey Team. 

She made her debut in the EPL last season and is an inspiration to woman wanting a career in ice hockey.

Well done on the game tonight, it is a shame about the result, what are your thoughts on the game?
It was a quick paced game, we just struggled and fell asleep but apart from that we competed with them all night. Just a little spell through the second period when we fell asleep it is costly at this level.
It is a tight league this season, what are you plans for the upcoming games?
For myself, I just take it as it comes for the games and when I am needed I am there but Dalibor is being awesome at the moment.
This season has been great for you so far, with you being the only female goalie, have you experienced any negativity?
No, not at all, all the players on the team have been very welcoming and treat me as a team member. They go on ability, if I am good enough to play in the team it does not matter if I am male or female.
That is really good how they have welcomed you into the team.
Yes they have been welcoming and lovely and it is nice.
I’d like to thank Nicole for taking the time to be interviewed for Chasing The Puck. 
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