Two Minutes | With Tomas Kurka

Tomas Kurka is a Czech professional ice hockey player, who has an impressive career behind him. He has previously played junior level in the Ontario Hockey League with the Plymouth Whalers before moving to the NHL to play for the Carolina Hurricanes. He also played for the AHL and then in the Czech Republic.

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The Low Down on Coaching

Coaching. You have your NHL standard coaches that can give a look and the players know exactly what they’re thinking. And then you have coaches like me. Level one coaches. I got my level one when I turned 16 (2015) with a different club to where I am now. I owe everything that I have now to that person. I had only started skating in 2013/14 due to my Duke of Edinburgh needing a sport, and me being lazy, it seemed like the easiest. But, about three years later, I am now coaching within the Coventry Blaze Academy.

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Looking back and to the Future

I began this blog very late in the season, it’s only officially been up and running for a couple of months and so far we have achieved so much. From next to no one reading to having nearly 150 followers on Facebook. The support has been amazing, thank you so much to everyone that has followed us in some way and who reads and shares the articles we write for you. I do what I do for love of the sport in all forms, but to have what we write so well received by you all makes it all very much worth it.

I now have two great co-writers who help me provide you with some great interviews and insights into the players of the EIHL. Aimee and Beth have been invaluable in helping me do so much more than I could have ever thought possible by myself.

In such a short time we have accrued quite a few great interviews for you to read. We have covered the Coventry Blaze, Cardiff Devils and Sheffield Steelers of the EIHL as well as the Sheffield Steeldogs of the EPL. Players such as Zack Fitzgerald and Chris Bruton have given us some insight into their time playing in the Elite League.  Ben O’Connor, Josh Godfrey, Ben Bowns, and Andrew Hotham gave us two minutes of their time and the Coventry Blaze’s very own Brian Stewart is the first of the leagues netminders to allow us Behind the Mask.

In the coming months we’ll be going Behind the Masks of Ben Bowns and also Gary Russell of the Braehead Clan, so keep an eye out for those.

If there is anything you’d like to see us do, drop us a comment on here or facebook and we’ll try our hardest for you all.

Thanks for your support in these first few months and we look forward to many many more!


Happy Mother’s Day to all the Hockey mums out there! 

To celebrate the ladies who live on small amounts of sleep, get up crazy early in the morning, who go without so we can do the things we love, who drive us all over the place and do all the things for us that as children we sometimes take for granted. 
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