Behind The Mask #1 | Brian Stewart: Coventry Blaze

Born in Canada in 1985, Brian Stewart is the youngest of his family, having an older brother he fondly remembers playing street hockey with as a child.

Wayne Gretzky with the LA Kings. An inspiration and favourite of the young Brian Stewart. Photo Source :

One of his best hockey related childhood memories was getting to see one of his idol Wayne Gretzky play with the LA Kings against the Vancouver Canucks. Gretzky was the reason the young Stewart was a fan of the LA Kings. Although he admits as an adult he doesn’t really have the allegiance to an NHL team like he used to but enjoys watching the Florida Panthers because he likes Jaromir Jagr.

As I have discovered is quite common with the baby of hockey families, he played other positions first before being forced by his big brother to go in goal so he could shoot on him. Though by the time he was 12 years old he knew he wanted to be a goalie, a decision he’s never regretted making. Having never had the moment of wondering if he was a bit crazy to want to be a goalie and after begging his dad for it he was eventually put in for it age 13.

Stewart in the net for Coventry Blaze. Photo credit: Hazel Rayson

One of his pet peeves is his team mates shooting pucks on him in practise when he’s not looking. He likes to be on his game all the time, game or practise and it would go some way to explain the Elite Prospects websites description of him as being ‘very competitive during practise and games’ and watching him play and his style, his competitive side is clear to see and I’d imagine, greatly welcomed by his current side the Coventry Blaze. When I asked him how his team mates would describe him he takes a moment and seems unsure before replying Oh, I don’t know. Pretty outgoing maybe. I don’t know I’m very talkative sometimes I think.”

He’s a fan of homely foods and names Chicken Pot Pie as his absolute favourite home cooked food after a few seconds to really mull the question over. So I asked him what he’d eat if he chose take out from anywhere . After clarifying if I meant in the UK or from anywhere he told us his favourite place to eat away from home is Tim Horton’s in Canada and I can vouch for that particular spot. Their food is pretty amazing.

The last film he got to see at the cinema was Deadpool and since we were talking superheroes I asked him what his dream superpower would be. “To fly, definitely because you can get anywhere you want as quick as possible.” He tells us with a smile. Since road trips are sometimes long and can often be boring, I ask how he likes to pass his time on the road. “I like to play around on my iPad.” He replies quietly.

He’s played in a fair amount of different places in his career. From playing with at Northern Michigan University on a scholarship in his late teens to the DEL and EV Landshut before coming to the EIHL after being signed by Coventry Blaze in 2013. Stewart has played in many leagues and in many different situations and in Germany he experienced the craziest of fans. While playing for EV Landshut he experienced the hostility of fans first hand who hurled bottles and other things onto the ice during games. Something he’d never experienced before or since.


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