Two Minutes | With Tomas Kurka

Tomas Kurka is a Czech professional ice hockey player, who has an impressive career behind him. He has previously played junior level in the Ontario Hockey League with the Plymouth Whalers before moving to the NHL to play for the Carolina Hurricanes. He also played for the AHL and then in the Czech Republic.

I interviewed Tomas on the night of the Challenge Cup when they lost to Nottingham Panthers.

EH – After the loss against the Nottingham Panthers on Friday, did you change your game plan?

TK – We always stick with the same game plan and go with the same system as we believe in out system and will hopefully get us a win. We put everything that we had into the game and it could have gone either way, we played a really good team and they won.

EH – You played in the NHL, what did you learn from that experience both personally and professionally?

TK – The NHL is the best league in the world, they play with the big guys and the big names, the league is way, way different. The arenas are so big and you play in front of 20,000 people, that was a fantastic experience for me. The NHL league is a lot faster and better I just learnt a lot from it hockey wise and I am still using my experiences from there to this day.

EH – What is your pre game warm up and post game cool down routine?

TK – I am a pretty basic guy, I do random stuff and do all things the same, all the time. It does depend on what mood that I am in as well, some days I am quiet, some days I like to have fun and other times I like to play football before a game. It all depends on the day I am not a superstitious guy. After a game, I like to cool down by having a hot shower and relaxing, I try not to overthink the game and just be a free minded guy, I will focus on the next game in hand.

EH – If you could play on your ideal team, full of your favourite players, who would it be and why? (we did decide on the NHL for the team)

TK – Probably the Washington Capitals, Alex Overchkin he is a super individual player, a good leader and goal scorer he is a great player.

EH – You had a lot of fans that travelled up and made the effort to support you, they were cheering loudly and behind you guys 1000%, do you have any messages for your fans?

TK – I would like to thank all the fans that have been coming to support us, it was great. We did not come out with the win, but they should be proud of themselves and up, we had great team work and stuck together out there. Notting won but we did good even if we lost.

The Cardiff Devils did exceptionally well and fought to the very end, Kurka thinks all the fans are great and deserve the credit that they got. Well done Nottingham Panthers for winning the Challenge Cup.
Feature photo; Wales Online


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