Two minutes | With Dan Green

I got to speak to Dan Green who is the back-up goalie for the Nottingham Panthers, regarding the plays offs and also life in the Nottingham Panthers.

Dan has previously played for the Basingstoke Bisons and also did a season with the Sheffield Steelers. He has been with the Nottingham Panthers since 2012 and a valued member of the team.


EH – As the Nottingham Panthers won the Challenge Cup, does that put more pressure on the team to do well in the play offs?

DG – I think that we always have pressure on us in Nottingham to win. Regardless of the other trophies that we win, we want to be successful every time that we step on the ice.

EH  – How are you feeling about the play offs?

DG – I am really excited, it’s always a really fun weekend with great games. I think if we play out game and play a full sixty minutes we will do really well.

EH – With the play offs taking place on home ice, does that give you more of an edge?

DG – Obviously, it’s great getting to play in our own arena but  over the years I think that team get used to playing at the playoff weekend. Also, they have a huge following of their own fans so that gives them a boost. Ultimately though it is nice to be around familiar surroundings.

EH – How do you prepare yourself mentally and physically for a game?

DG – Physically it’s not too hard. We will be on the ice or doing a warm-up before the game. I like getting a bit of a sweat on and having a good stretch. Mentally, I just visualise the game and start thinking about my movements and how plays might develop. Over the years I have learnt more mental techniques that have really helped me.

EH – What is it like being a back-up goalie? having that huge pressure if you were put into goal unexpectedly?

DG – I guess that over time you get used to your role and know how to be ready all the time. I try and stay focused all game and just always be ready just in case you get called upon. Over time you get used to it and it becomes less of a pressure.

EH – How will you celebrate if you win?

DG – I’m sure if we win, we will all go out and celebrate as a team. the best part of winning something like that is being in the room after the game with all the guys just celebrating. I am sure that a few drinks will be drunk and a late night will be on the cards.

EH – Any messages for the fans that have supported your club this season?

DG – I just hope that they have enjoyed watching us and know how much we appreciate their support every week. We always have big crowds and it really helps us when they make lots of noise. We will be giving everything this weekend to try and bring them the playoff trophy. So thanks again and make sure that you are loud this weekend.

The Panthers fans definitely were loud and proud and backing their club every second. Congratulations to the Nottingham Panthers for winning the playoffs, and see you all next season.

Thank you again to Dan Green for taking the time to let me interview him


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