October 25th saw the culmination of a 25 day fundraising campaign, which was the brainchild of the Genting Casino Coventry Blaze’s Media Manager Rob Plaister.

With auction items coming from all 10 of the Elite League teams, as well as some from teams from around the world the goal was to raise £25,000 in order to help Adam Calder take the next step in his cancer treatment and seek help with procedures not currently offered on the NHS in the United Kingdom.

Calder played with the Coventry Blaze for six consecutive seasons, leading the team to numerous victories and silverware. He holds the record for the highest goal scorer in Blaze history and along with Dan Carlson, led the team in arguably their most successful period which consisted of eight major trophies in the six seasons that he played for the Blaze.

Helping to bring the charity game to life where the 2016 league champions, the Sheffield Steelers who brought down a team to take on the Blaze all in the name of fun and fundraising. Consisting of two periods of three on three hockey and a skills competition the game was a roaring success. The final score was 14-11 to the Coventry Blaze with most players contributing to the 25 (yes! How fitting!) goals that were scored on the night. Including the Blaze goaltender Brian Stewart who scored in the penalty shoot out portion of the game! If you want to see the goal check it out here

Even the mascots for the evening, got in on the action. Getting a chance to take to the ice with their respective teams and both also added to the score tally. Both mascots were subsequently given Man of the Match.

Both Teams on the ice, post game with Adam Calder and his children. Photo credit: @freiheit_1989

Speaking on the Coventry Blaze website, Calder had this to say after the game:

“Wow, firstly like to say it’s been a pretty crazy last month and the love and compassion everyone has shown has been pretty overwhelming!  When James approached me and I agreed, I said “Let’s not do too much though” and he looked back and winked and agreed and here we are now?

“I know I thanked them both at the game but a big thanks to Rob Plaister and Craig Summerton for everything you did and pulling it all together on this side of the pond and Luc Chabot over in North America.

“Huge thanks to everyone in the hockey community, here in the UK and pretty much worldwide for all of your support and donations! To all the fans that made it to the game and some of the old team mates who made it back, thank you! You were the ones who made all those years here in Coventry very special and I was lucky to have played in some great places and met some great people along the way! We could go on and on but thank you!

“I know for a fact Planet Ice would have had another puddle on the ice if I was to take the microphone as it was a pretty emotional night, so I was glad ‘Stewy’ was able to say a lot of what I was thinking! Coventry means a lot to me and is a pretty special place but not only here the hockey community worldwide this past month has been pretty special.”

The final total for the entire #support25 campaign has yet to be announced but will be released once the Just Giving page has been closed on October 31st. If you wish to contribute there are a number of ways to do it. Either by going to the Just Giving page here


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