NEWS: Sheffield Steelers boss Tony Smith makes his views abundantly clear!

Earlier on today the Sheffield Steelers released an official statement on their website in regards to two main issues which had had many fans taking to twitter to express their extreme displeasure.

I personally don’t blame them at all. With the removal of the SSSC from the main arena on game days, many fans who are unable to find other appropriate transport are no unable to support their team on the road and with only selective webcasts being broadcasted, fans are feeling at a loss. Below is the official statement from the website.


He’s concerned about how the live streams and away travel are affecting the money coming into the club. Hmm? Yet has no concrete evidence to actually back up the move he’s making which is leaving fans at a loss over what to do if they can’t make the trip to the arena.

There are just so many tweets just like these. I couldn’t include them all.

Earlier on this evening one fan posted the full extent of his decision making on twitter and upon reading it? I’m left utterly speechless. This man is in charge of one of the biggest hockey clubs in the country and yet this, is how he addresses his fans.


That last statement though… That’s the real kicker in all of this. It’s not necessary and makes the man sound like a 13 year old boy having a temper tantrum because he’s not getting his own way and it end it with such a chirpy statement like ‘enjoy!!’ is just the icing on the cake. If this isn’t just a massive ‘up yours’ to his own fans I don’t know what is. It’s sad to see so many fans taking to Twitter to express their feelings and I have to admit most of them are absolutely right. In order to run a successful business you need to above all else keep your customers happy and right now? The fans of the Sheffield Steelers are not happy campers.

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2 thoughts on “NEWS: Sheffield Steelers boss Tony Smith makes his views abundantly clear!”

  1. Tony wants more income so he’s targeting the fans who travel away.
    He needs to understand that the vast majority of these fans are so ‘Steelerfied’ they have season tickets. He has their money already.
    Almost all travellers who create the ‘sea of orange’ have current season shirts. He already has their money.
    Many wear hats, gloves, jackets and scarves from the merchandise stand. He already has their money.
    They buy 50-50, SOYB, have subscribed to the weekly draw, chuck a puck and programmes. He already gets their money. In spades.
    They pay extortionate parking fees at the arena, buy a cup of soda for £3.20 and attend SSSC events that the club benefits from.
    I now need to grow an udder and Tony needs to get a three legged stool because the Greedy Mc Greed Face needs to perfect his milking techniques if he thinks he’s getting any more out of me.
    In fact, I refused 59-50 approaches last night (despite being accused of avoiding eye contact) and I didn’t buy a SOYB ticket either as I need extra cash to pay for handling/postage fees from other arenas.
    As a business model, Peeing off your customers is a pretty poor strategy. He needs some close business counselling.


    1. I think he’s just thrown his toys out of the pram without first really getting any concrete proof of what he believes to be true and you’re right, it will affect him greatly. If I’ve learned nothing else from my best friend it’s to never piss off a loyal fan. They will make your life hell and he’s got a hell of a lot of fans up there who are ready to have his head. Especially when he openly said he has no concrete proof of the accusations he’s throwing about. I even had a discussion the other day with someone saying how much I wanted a Fitzgerald jersey. I won’t be buying a Steelers one, if I do now get one I’ll pay a bit more and get myself a Canucks or a Chicago Wolves one. I’ll not be lining that greedy man’s pockets any longer.


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