Celebrating the NHL Centenary #ShowYourColours

So… I’ve had a super crazy idea to try and create a video full of hockey selfies! The selfie is a staple for going to a game, getting a photo of you and your friends rocking your team colours or perhaps you with your favourite player! I want to make the longest video possible and cover as much of the hockey world as possible.

Hockey fans are a family, everyone is connected by their love of the sport of ice hockey. I’m aiming to create a huge video album of that family, regardless of your team colours, the language you speak or the country you come from we are all a family.

Let’s celebrate the centenary of the NHL and show them just how much they have inspired us and our love for our teams!

Do you have any selfies you want to share?

Want to be part of something to show other people just how much our sport means to us?

If you want to be a part of this and I really hope you do, there are many ways in which you can join in!

  • Leave your selfies in a comment here
  • Leave it in the comments or in a message to my Facebook page here
  • Or old school email hazel.chasingthepuck@gmail.com

In order to be included you need to send your photos to one of these options. I can’t get hold of them if you share in comments on a friend’s post. I don’t want to miss any of your wonderful pictures, there have been some amazing ones so far from far and wide! 

I’m also including the names of every single fan who sends me a photo in the credits of the video!

If however, you don’t want to be included would you be able to do me a favour and share this on your social media? The more selfies I get the longer the video. Thanks guys and let’s share the selfie love!


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