Get Your Kilt off for the Blaze! Blaze take out the Capitals in a 4-1 Showdown at the Skydome

IT’S Saturday night, the bums are on seats and the crowd are singing in fine form from both sides. The Edinburgh Capitals are in town for a showdown and what a game it was! The scoreline would suggest that the Capitals were the lesser team but that is anything but the truth.

The first period was pretty much all about the Capitals, with a goal from the Edinburgh Capitals Hertl and many many saves by Brian Stewart the scoreline could have been far higher after the end of the first 20. Stewie was making some amazing saves and many in quick succession as they shots kept coming and coming. As the end of the period came to an end the Blaze crowd were being out-sung by the visiting crowd.


Block 8 however, which is where I always sit, was pretty much silent. There was something missing and as hard as I tried to get the block riled up it just simply wasn’t happening. Yes, we were thin on the ground, but when the Capitals fans were out-singing us in our own barn, I knew we had to do something about it.


Now I knew I’d spoken to BlazeFan501 on Twitter, but did I have a face to a name? Nope, only when I was outside in the period break and someone called my name did I know that BlazeFan501 was a really great guy called Kev. He was up in the Skylounge with friends for a belated Christmas do but decided that since he couldn’t hear the Blaze and could only hear the Caps fans that he’d be coming back down to Block 8 and bringing some friends with him! Suffice to say it was just what we needed!

As the second period began we were back and forth with the Capitals fans. Anything they could sing, we could sing better. The crowd got louder and the Blaze on the ice played harder, shot more and scored to bring us equal. Well, this only made us cheer louder. A beautiful goal by Almeida, assisted by TJ Syner was just what we needed to get back into the game. If I’d been handing out MOTM after the 2nd period, Fullerton would have got it just for keeping his team in the game. That man did just about everything he could as shot after shot came his way.


Goal number two came from fan favourite Liam Stewart and the crowd were on their feet. After such a slow start, we now really had something to sing about! That and we had an invader in the block in the form of one very awesome Capitals fan, who I think… was either Mick… Or Nick. Apologies for not totally hearing it. He was such a great sport and a credit to his team! Got into Block 8, commandeered a drum and was singing for his team with us all desperately trying to drown him out!

Period three and we’re starting it 2-1 up, drunken bets with Sophie were made and the game was on! If the Blaze won, this rowdy Caps fan would lose the kilt. It was all in good fun and definitely had some of the members of block 8 cheering louder than normal! Goals 3 and 4 came from captain Jordan Pietrus and Jim Jorgensen. The atmosphere by the end of the game was something I don’t think I’ve ever really witnessed at the Skydome, at least not to this extent anyway.

The Edinburgh Capitals fans are a credit to their club, friendly and fun and singing loudly. They genuinely banter and I don’t think I’ve laughed so much in a while! After being politely escorted off b stewards to put his kilt back on, he shook hands with a lot of the Blaze fans he’d been surrounded by for most of the game! Fair play to you buddy, you’re welcome back anytime!

All in all an excellent night at the Skydome! Bring on next weekend against the Sheffield Steelers!



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