9 reasons why you NEED to be at the Skydome tonight


1. Sheffield playing Coventry is NEVER a let down. These two teams always seem to bring their A game when playing at the Skydome. Goals, fights, general good play. I don’t think I’ve ever been to a bad game when these two have taken to the ice.

2. Scorch – Arguably the best mascot in the league. I mean just watch that dragon move! Okay, okay… I’m biased and Clangus is kind of a dude but Scorch is the best! Look at him go!


3. Almeida and Syner – This pair of cousins can’t seem to stop scoring. Whether it’s Syner to Almeida or the other way around, matched with Marquardt these two forwards are a force to be reckoned with. What they lack in height they make up in speed and this makes them deadly to the oppositions defence! A bonus as well is that their cards are the FREE ones tonight and you can get them signed after the game!


4. Fitzy – Love him or hate him, he’s bloody good entertainment! With the potential of going toe to toe with Blaze’s enforcer Garrett Klotz again, you can’t really argue with the impact the guy makes on the ice.


5. Brian Stewart – Whether you rock up wearing blue or orange, most fans will agree that seeing Brian Stewart play is something to behold. Be it home fans waiting to see those almost impossible saves made, the away fans hoping that he’ll lose his cool and chanting his name (we do that too by the way and he LOVES it when you do it!) or just to watch the man who is constantly stretching do his thing, there really is something for everyone with Stewie between the pipes.

6. Crosscheck are making a visit – Crosscheck clothing don’t come down as often as we’d like but tonight they will be hanging out in Crosby’s bar with all sorts of hockey goodies for you to spend your hard earned wages on. They’re definitely worth a look.


7. You can spend some time watching your team and NOT have to listen to Simmsey waffling rubbish – Sorry Simmsey, actually scrap that I’m not sorry. Most of your fans think you’re a bit of a twonk, so come down to Coventry Orange Army and enjoy watching the Steelers in a Simmsey free zone! You’re welcome Orange Army, really, you are.

8. We don’t play that song to death – Come on Steelers fans, you know the one we mean. That one that really gets on your wick but out of loyalty (and habit) you sing along anyway? You guessed it yet? We don’t play and I don’t think we will ever subject you to another round of Sweet Caroline. Again, you’re so very welcome!  Although if you want to hear it, here’s a good version of it! 


9. Sing off – We know you love to sing for your boys, actually we do too. Plus the Orange Army get to sit right next to Block 8 which is the noisiest block in the Skydome on any given day. Give them a run for their money and see if we can’t have a bit of a friendly sing off. If you have drums and stuff, I don’t know if you’re allowed them in your arena or not, bring them with you and lets have a bit of fun. Edinburgh are the yardstick on which to measure you, they were awesome last Saturday. Can you beat them Steelers?

What would be your 10th reason? Leave your suggestions in the comments below or tweet me @freiheit_1989

Come on down! You know you want to!



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