#kiltyoga is good for your health

What started as a bit of fun and as a video for the BBC Social in Scotland has made these men, internet sensations and rightly so.

The video, featuring both men in nothing but their kilts, socks and boots, originally posted 5 days ago, was something both men were told not to get too hopeful over. As I type it’s been viewed more than 44 million times and has thrust them into the media spotlight.

Finlay Wilson, a yoga instructor from Dundee and Tristan Cameron-Harper, current Mr. Scotland, aspiring mountaineer and former player for the Braehead Clan ice hockey team have taken the world by storm with their cheeky video.

See that? There’s the ice hockey connection. 

I have followed both of these guys on social media for a little over a year now and they are both fantastic men. Approachable, helpful and insightful.

Finlay Wilson, Forrest yoga Instructor and inspiration

Finlay’s story is one of overcoming pain and adversity – after surgery on his legs left him unable to stand or walk unaided. Through the practise of Forrest yoga it is one that would – and should, inspire anyone who suffer to try taking it up.

He has spoken a little about what he went through and just that small snippet makes this story and his journey to this point, even more incredible. I can’t help but admire his will and determination each time I see him contort his body into some ridiculously difficult position. If you want to read more about what he has been through check out his blog; www.finlay-wilson.com

Following him, has not only made the idea of yoga seem more appealing but it has also shown me that perhaps there is a way to deal with some of the aches and pains I feel daily without resorting to medicine.

I reached out to him on Instagram and asked for some advice and help with some basic yoga poses, he posted a video on YouTube showcasing some poses that even a real beginner, like me, could have a go at and honestly the benefits can be felt immediately.

Tristan Cameron-Harper, aspiring mountaineer, lover of the great outdoors and my positivity guru

Tristan has confessed to being more of a meditation guy and if you follow him on social media, especially instagram, you will see just how, having a more positive mindset and being in tune with your own body can really make a huge difference to your day to day life.

I have been following Tristan, since his time with the Clan. Since hanging up his skates and showing us a different side of himself I have followed his advice and guidance and it has changed my life.

It’s changed the way I see the world and the way in which I approach the challenges that life throws at you on a daily basis.

It’s even helped me with the way in which I approach a rejection when writing for this blog. He has taught me not to see rejection as something that should hinder me, but to see it more as a fuel to push me forward and to make me more determined to succeed.

I now try and do at least one thing, every single day to push myself forward and to put myself out there. Each day I move closer to my ultimate goal.

His advice works, it really does. Positivity breeds positivity and having a positive mindset helps with so much in life.

I honestly, would advise anyone to just follow these two amazing guys on social media. They are teachers. They are mentors and they are going to change the way that those who follow them see the world.

With an ending that is bound to bring a smile to your face, both men perform a headstand

One #kiltyoga pose at a time.

And if you’ve been living under a rock for the last few days and have no idea what I am talking about? Here’s the video to watch for yourself. 


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