Bieber & the (Manchester) Storm

A little while back now, during his most recent tour Justin Bieber came and skated with the Manchester Storm. Having seen the video below and knowing that Mike was involved in that, I wanted to ask him a bit about the experience and he was more than happy to talk to me about it.

This is a snippet from a much longer interview, but I felt it needed it’s own post because honestly? It’s just such a great thing for the team and they really used it to their advantage by auctioning off a signed jersey for a local charity.

Anything that can boost the profile of ice hockey in the UK is something that should be encouraged in my opinion. What was it like having Justin come and skate with you guys?

“It was really cool, with celebrities so often you forget they’re actual people. He’s a really nice guy, for someone, who doesn’t get to skate all that often. I mean he’s been pretty much doing the music thing full time since he was 11 I guess and with touring, he can actually skate pretty well, he’s a pretty good player. He couldn’t be a nice guy, pretty funny, he’s just a normal kid and you just don’t see that very often, because, you know his life is so crazy but he was an awesome guy and he couldn’t be nicer.”

So, how did it come about? It’s a great opportunity and I’m nosey like that and want to know.

“He’d been skating with a bunch of teams in Europe on this most recent tour and our captain Trevor Johnson knew the captain of the Berlin team.” Eisbaren Berlin? I inquire. “It might have been them, but he skated with a team in Germany and he messaged Trevor and said that he was in Manchester.

He was in Manchester for like three weeks when he was doing his concerts all over and around the Northern UK, so he was based out of Manchester and he wanted to skate. If the team could set it up sometime at night and it ended up working out.”

So? The video of you guys in the minivan lip syncing? How did that come about, whose idea was it?



“So at the end of his tour, we skated with him one more time in Milton Keynes and then went to his concert, we were driving down there in the van and it was actually Omar Pacha’s idea, he was driving the van and he was like ‘We have to do this, we have to make one of these videos.’

So we picked the song and he was driving us, directing us and [Laughs] it probably took us two and a half hours to get down to Milton Keynes and we finished it with maybe twenty minutes to spare.”

I laugh, because that’s not a short drive. Not a one shot deal then? I quip.

“No, no. We’re not very talented and we had to keep practicing and practicing.”


What do you think? I personally couldn’t stop laughing. Thank you to Neil Russell and the Manchester Storm for allowing me to share the video with you all and to Mike Clemente for sharing the story. Have you done any Bieber lip synching/carpool karaoke on the way to a game? I’d love to see your videos!

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