Lisa B. Kamps’ York Bombers Series: Playing The Game Review

For the longest time Harland Day had known Courtney Williams, but when one day she turns up at his door with some news he’d not expected… No, he had expected it – but did he want to believe her? His father had managed to convince him that the woman he loved was sleeping around, so surely this wasn’t his problem?


Playing the Game is the first installment in Lisa B. Kamps York Bombers series and although I’ll admit, I struggled to get started with it, it was well worth the perseverance because once you’re into it? You’re hooked.

It’s not your usual hockey romance novel, that’s for sure. It’s not your typical boy meets girl in a bar, they sleep together and fall madly in love kind of deal. For these two it’s true and real love. Though not without its ups and downs and complications that reminds us all that the path to true love never does run smoothly – but as is often said, nothing worth having comes easy.

The two met when they were only young. Still children and from friendship, came love. It’s a wonderful tale set against the backdrop of Kamp’s fictional York Bombers AHL team.

The writing style is easy to read, perhaps a little long winded at times, but I have read so many different authors in this genre and the style is easy to adapt to. It leaves you wanting more and unable to put it down, but there aren’t any cliffhangers here, with a beautifully written epilogue that takes us three years into the couple’s future.

It’s well worth a read, it won’t take an awful long time to read but it’ll definitely give you an escape for a few hours. I think it took me about six and a half hours to read it all in all and it was definitely worth every minute of it.

I plan to begin reading book number two shortly and that review will also be going on here. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did and if you do? Come back and let me know!

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