What does the NHL Expansion Draft mean for your favourite team? 

By now everyone should have heard about the NHL Expansion draft, what with the newly created Vegas Golden Knights on the hunt for a roster full of players, but what is an expansion draft? 

Reid Duke is the first player contracted to the newly formed Vegas Golden Knights. Source: SportsNet

So far we know they have just one player, Reid Duke. A 21 year old centre who is currently playing with the Chicago Wolves in the AHL. 

On June 21, the Golden Knights will be given the pick of the current NHL teams to obtain a full roster for the upcoming 2017/18 season. So what does that mean for your favourite NHL team? 
There is a way to protect players! The NHL have put into place a way to protect a number of your possible favourite players. Well two ways, whichever best protects the players that franchises do not want to lose to a new rival. 

  1. Seven forwards, three defensemen and a goalie
  2. Eight players (which can be a mix of Forwards and Defensemen) and a goalie

However; there are stipulations also in place for players that have the “no movement” clauses. Those players have to be protected. Think your franchise faces, your Ovechkins and your Crosbys. It’s essential to put them on that list if they aren’t willing to waive on that clause.

Can you see Crosby or Ovechkin in a Golden Knights jersey? Yeah… me either. Then again we didn’t think we’d ever see them sharing a joke.

The most disturbing photo in all of sports. *coughs* Anyway…. Source: RMNB
 This is what the Golden Knights CAN do in the expansion draft: 

  • Most select ONE player from each of the 30 existing franchises (though they can get more due to expansion draft violations. Eh? 🤔) 
  • Must select fourteen forwards, nine defensemen and three goalies 😰
  • Must pick a minimum of twenty players who are all under contract for the 2017-18 season. 

Basically, if a player doesn’t end up on that protected list by June 17th? There is every chance that they won’t be lacing up in your teams colours next season. 

    I don’t believe these lists will be published for fans to see so come June 21st, I’ll be as tetchy as anyone else who is watching and hoping that their favourite players aren’t on their way to Vegas for anything other than a good knees up. 

    So what about when it comes to the actual draft?

    • The Vegas Knights will receive the same odds as the teams finishing with third fewest points in the 2016-17 season which means they are guaranteed no lower than sixth overall pick in the first round.
    • In subsequent rounds they will get the third pick, unless trades happen or other potential player related business. 

    Which players are you nervous your team might lose? Are any of you Chasers Vegas Golden Knights fans? Tweet me @CTP_blog and let me know! 

    Perhaps you’re feeling nervous and need a virtual hand to hold? Let me know and we can arrange some way for us all to watch it together? 

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