Behind the Mask #9 | Caro McPherson

Caro is the wife of Andrew McPherson, a Canadian playing hockey in Germany’s DEL2. She’s been all over the world while her husband has played professionally but that isn’t why I asked to interview her.

You see Caro, is a goalie. Only recreationally for now, but she’d like to play in the future at a competitive level, since it is in her nature to be competitive in all things.

“I find them interesting. They’re tough and badass and I always admired them, goalies are different. They’re kinda nuts and I was always drawn to them.” She explains as to her reason for being drawn to the reason for wanting to play the position. It’s not an uncommon answer from any netminder I’ve spoken to, regardless of level.

Talking to Caro has been really interesting. Not only am I talking to a netminder, but to the wife of a hockey player and also a mum. Her 8 year old son, plays with her.

We spent a short while talking about kids and how sometimes it can be hard to get them on the ice. “The ice can be intimidating sometimes and it’s the first time they really become aware that falls can hurt.” I think that counts for a lot of people when they first step onto the ice, not just children.

When she first started out she borrowed kit from the junior team but after one too many painful hits to the wrist she decided that she wanted her own kit. Not just to stop the painful hits, but also so that she could play for a local women’s team. “I’d like to get as good as possible and see what happens next. Maybe I’ll play with a team in some league, maybe not.”

She manages her time by working freelance quality control and researcher for a technology company and playing hockey on the side. Although she admits she hasn’t played in a whole because she’s waiting for new equipment to arrive.

Her helmet is plain black but Caro says if she could, she would have two masks. “One like [Shannon] Szabados new mask with the leafs, it’s so cool and the other one with a big nasty grin on it (which I’ll get this year hopefully).”

Though it’s the pads she’s waiting to arrive that she is completely in love with.

“They’re vintage, I ordered them from Passau. They’re being made as we speak and should arrive in a few weeks.” She’s looking forward to getting back on the ice and hopefully finding a team to play with.

We talked about tattoos and piercings too, since Caro has quite a few. Her hands and forearms covered with beautiful inkwork. Her first tattoo was two griffins on her back, which she now has dermal piercings in as well.

“I wear bandaids over them when I play. I used to have the piercings in my hands too but I could never play with them. Really bad idea.” She laughs. “I ripped one out though, it’s so painful to remove them and I cringe just thinking about it.”

I thought I’d quickly google her husband Andrew. He plays for the Beitigheim Steelers in the DEL2. I chuckled and told her we had a team of Steelers in our local league too. “Oh the Sheffield Steelers right?” She asked. “Didn’t [Jeff] Legue play for them for 7/8 years?” It’s amazing how small the world is sometimes. It turns out that Caro’s husband Andrew played in Germany with Jeff Legue. “He’s a friend of ours.” She explains. “He and Andrew played together before he left to play in Sheffield.”


If you’d like to see more interviews like this one, please make sure to follow us on social media! Thank you so much to Caro for agreeing to this interview and for speaking to me so candidly. If you too would like to follow Caro, give her a follow on Instagram. Her handle is @caromcp


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