BLOG | Giving the Gift of Life – Blood Donation with the Manchester Storm

On the 1st February players from the Manchester Storm headed down to a local donation centre to find out about the NHS Give Blood, Save a Life initiative and to meet a young boy living with Sickle Cell Anemia.

Charming is 1 of approximately 300,000 child born worldwide with the disease, which causes their red blood cells to be an odd shape and to clump together making them less effective at passing oxygen around their body. He requires a blood transfusion regularly in order to remain fit and healthy.

Charming is also the guest of honour at the Storms February 14th clash with the Coventry Blaze in Altrincham.

Here are some of the eligible players sat reading the information before being called in to donate. Every single day 6,000 people need blood in order to survive and the NHS require approximately 200,000 new donors every single year in order to meet the demand.

Giving blood is such a simple process, signing up takes 5 minutes online and the process itself takes a maximum of an hour from the time you arrive at the centre to the moment you step back out onto the street afterwards.

Blood donation is so easy, relatively quick and you can walk away with the knowledge that you’ll save the life of another person. It is relatively painless – the most painful bit is needle in and needle out – but so worth it. The actual donation itself can take anywhere between 5-10 minutes.

Even if you don’t live in Manchester, why not at least look into giving blood? The website to check is

For me, I was inspired by my grandmother, who before she was diagnosed with Cancer had given over 50 units of blood but sadly passed away in 2014. I, and at least one other of my siblings now give blood as regularly as we can, both in her memory and to help with the growing shortage of blood donors in the UK.

Thank you, to the Manchester Storm for teaming up with such an amazing cause this Valentines day and bringing awareness to the work the NHS do with blood donation. It is promotion like yours that will bring in many new donors and help with the problem of a lack of donors. I applaud you guys and congratulations to the players who donated who were eligible. You’re all awesome too!

Do you give blood? Have you ever had to have a transfusion? Please share your stories if you are comfortable doing so, awareness is the key to being able to help.


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