Behind the Mask #10 | Tyler Beskorowany: Edinburgh Capitals

From a young age, Edinburgh Capitals netminder Tyler Beskorowany wanted to play hockey.

Born in Sudbury, Ontario, Canada the young Beskorowany was inspired by his babysitters son, who already played and Tyler began to get a taste for it. “I was six or seven years old.” Beskorowany recalls. “He was a goalie and we bonded over it.” He finally decided that goalie was his position a little after that.

“I was 7 years old and our teams full time goalie got injured. At that point our team would rotate goalies. Eventually playoffs came around and our coach asked me if I wanted to go full time because I was good at it. I said sure why not. My first goalie mask was awful.” He recalls. It seems a lot of goalies didn’t like their first masks. “It was big and bulky and the throat dangler bothered me. It still does now.”

On the 16th September of 2009 Beskorowany was drafted to the Dallas Stars in the NHL entry draft. He was signed to a three year, entry level contract and spent 3 years playing with the Texas Stars in the AHL and the Idaho Steelheads in the ECHL. I asked Tyler about his experiences on draft day.

“I was fortunate enough that the draft was in Ottawa, Ontario which is only a few hours drive from my house. If it was any farther I probably wouldn’t have gone.” He began. “We ended up going for day one, which was the complete first round in one night. Very exciting. I was sitting with my parents in the first level, so close enough to see all the action. I got passed up on day one.” He recalls. It’s interesting to hear about what it’s like first hand from someone. “The second day we went back and had no idea what to expect. My agent had been talking to a few teams and he said there are teams that see me in the top three to four rounds and others that didn’t have me getting drafted at all. So here we are, sitting in the same area as day one and sure enough late in the second round (59th Overall) the Dallas Stars chose me with their first pick of the draft.

Here I am, extremely happy. I give my parents hugs, give my agent hand shakes and head down to meet the Dallas Stars staff. The big names, Andy Moog and Brett Hull and others, they gave me my jersey and a hat to put on and the rest of the day was full, a blur of texts, emails from friends and family, phone calls for interviews and pictures at the draft the entire day. It was very long but very worth it. Definitely one of the highlights of my career.”

Now we know about the mask that Tyler hated, but if he could design his own dream mask, what would it look like? Netminders masks really are the one piece of kit that can showcase an individual players personality. “One of my favourite actors is Will Ferrell and I’ve always wanted to do a Will Ferrell or Anchorman themed mask. Since my favourite movie is probably a toss up between Catch Me if You Can and Anchorman.”

Before taking up the staring netminder position with the Edinburgh Capitals, Beskorowany had taken a year out in order to rest up the aches and pains that come with season after season of continuous play. The aches and pains of hockey take their toll and sometimes the off-season just isn’t enough to rest them. “I was coaching a junior A team in Ottawa as well as a position as goalie goach for the Concordia Stingers. I felt like I had to take a break from from hockey and coaching gave me the chance to see the game from an entirely different perspective as a coach.”

I always ask the players I talk to whether they support any particular NHL team. “At this point, I follow more people I know than a certain team. I’m more a fan of the game than a fan of a certain team.”

As a young an aspiring player (and also as fans of the game) we all have players who we find inspiring or who we enjoy watching them play and Tyler is no exception. “In the hockey world, my favourite player would have to be Ray Bourque, but my idol has to be Martin Brodeur. The way he approached a game, so determined and yet deep down he knew it was just a game. I think if you ask anyone about the way I approach the game, they will tell you it is the same way.”

If Tyler could put together his own all-star team, who would he pick? “I’m going to put two lines that would play against one another.” He explains. “The reason for my picks are because I think they are the best of their generation and I would want to see them play.” His lines were as follows:

  • Mario Lemieux, Wayne Gretzky,Maurice Richard, Ray Bourque, Paul Coffee and Ken Dryden
  • Gordie Howe, Pavel Bure, Guy Lafleur, Bobby Orr, Brian Leetch and Martin Brodeur.

Lastly, I had a couple of quick fire questions for him.

  1. Is there a hockey book, or books you’ve read that you’d recommend to me? I’m currently reading Relentless. It’s a book written by Michael Jordan’s trainer and is about how to bring out your full potential.
  2. What is your favourite way to spend a day off? An off day during the season consists of a lot of relaxing, maybe going for a beer or two and trying to catch as much sun as possible.
  3. What do you miss from Canada, that you can’t get here? Family and friends and my dog of course.


Thank you to both Tyler Beskorowany and Michael D’Orazio for agreeing to this interview. It was lovely to speak to you both!

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