BLOG | The importance of (hockey) family

I truly believe that from the moment you buy your first hockey ticket, or tune into your first game, you become something much greater than yourself. You become part of a global family of hockey lovers who are passionate about the sport they love, they care for each other and when everything feels like it might just be falling apart? They rally round and prove to you that you are never alone.

Late on Friday night, the news broke that a bus crashed in Canada killing 14 young hockey players of the Humboldt Broncos and injuring just as many more. The hockey community globally reached out to this team and their families to show them that, they were not alone in their grief. That we were here for them in their time of need and we would hold them up when the pain left then too weak to stand.

As my daughter and I, and many others travelled to Nottingham for the Elite Ice Hockey League playoff finals we all knew that no matter what jersey we pulled on that weekend, that we would do something to honour the young men.

A moments silence and applause was held before the face off of the first game. Everyone was talking about what could be done, what else could we do to show our love and support?

In the final game this evening between the Cardiff Devils and the Sheffield Steelers, we all spoke as one. “Let’s go Broncos.” resounded around the arena at the 15 minute to go mark of the third period. 15 minutes. That’s one minute for each life sadly lost in this tragedy.

Collectively you could the sound of hearts breaking for those families who’s sons and brothers wouldn’t be coming home. It’s a pain that you never truly feel until it happens to you.

In the last couple of hours, news of another death within the team has broken. Logan Boulet, who had been on life support will save six other lives thanks to being on the organ donor register. While his death is truly sad, he will live on through the people who’s lives he will help save.

Organ donation and signing up for it is something I personally believe in. As is blood donation. Which is so easy and quick to do. You never know when your donation might save a life. A donation to help other people doesn’t have to cost a penny.

Together, we are family and family stick together. Or as best put in the words of Disney’s Lilo & Stitch

“Ohana means family and family means no-one gets left behind, or forgotten. ”

Family makes you stronger. As a family we can do anything. Please, check out the links below and if you think you could do any of them, please do. You never know when your donation could save the life of someone else.

Funds for Humboldt Broncos GoFundMe

UK Links

Sign up to be a blood donor

Sign up to be an organ donor

US Links

Blood Donation

Organ Donation

Canada Links

Be a blood donor

Be an Organ Donor

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