Storm’s Mike Clemente announces his retirement.

Mike Clemente, the netminder that everyone loved the whinge about, yet secretly wanted on their team, is hanging up his pads to be closer to his family.

After 125 games and 2 seasons with the Manchester Storm, Clemente took to social media last night to announce and explain his decision.

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@manchester_storm it’s time for me to say thank you to everyone that made the past two years so wonderful. Thank you to my teammates and coaches for putting up with my stinky bus food, the bathroom breaks, the constant delays, and downright terrible driving. Thank you to the entire equipment and medical staff for playing along with me during my pregame rituals. Thank you to the fans who cheered (and booed) me.  Thank you to my roommates for letting me be a monster. Thank you to my family and my long suffering girlfriend for helping me live my dream and watching my final games. You all made me smile and nothing beats playing hockey when you are smiling. It is finally time for me to be closer to the people I have always kept close to me on the back of my helmet. Thank you.

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I have fond memories of Mike, he was one of my favourite Behind The Mask interviews, a fellow Capitals fan and generally all around nice guy.

He even came over to the bench to have a photo taken with my daughter on her birthday after we’d been told the goalie Puck drop we had hoped for wouldn’t be happening.

I interviewed him again recently for the Coventry Blaze Magazine OnFire

That interview is available ➡️HERE

We at Chasing The Puck wish Mike all the best for the future! Thank you for keeping us all entertained for the last two seasons!


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