Capitals slay their demons and head into the Eastern Conference Finals!

With the Penguins slain and the 2nd round of the playoffs well and truly behind them, the Capitals took on and demolished the Tampa Bay lightning in the first game of the Eastern Conference Final.

I took it upon myself to create some ringer/alert tones to use on your mobile device if you want to relive that incredible goal and John Walton’s call of it, all over again every time your phone goes off. I know I did and a few other people did too, so here you are. These are available in MP3 format. Just save the file, put it on your phone (you’ll have to convert it for iPhone, although I do have them already if you email me) and hear John’s now iconic ‘Good Morning, Good Afternoon and Goodnight Pittsburgh’ call all over again!

The call of Kuzy’s goal.

“Good morning, good afternoon and goodnight Pittsburgh!”

Just right click and ‘save as’ If you need it for your iPhone, drop me an email and I’ll send you the ones you want!

Photo credit: Mike Newton/Washington Post


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