Dundee Stars Transfer Roundup

Since the EIHL shut up shop in April after another exhilarating season, the Dundee Stars have wasted no time in building their arsenal for September.

Below I round up the goings on in and around the team.

Dryden Dow: University of Calgary > Dundee Stars

The first new imported player to be announced was Dow, an experienced player straight from the Canadian University pool with experience of 200+ games in the WHL. Dow iced 135 times with Calgary and gained 78 points.

This announcement came on the 20th of April and comes with the high praise of Pacha.

“We are extremely excited to have Drydn join us for the 2018-2019 season. He was one of the key members of the University of Calgary defensive core for the past 5 years. He is a player that understands the game very well. He is a good skater and likes to join the rush and will be able to add offence. He can play in all situations and he is a very smart player with a high IQ for the game. I believe Drydn will have a lot of success in his first year pro in Dundee” – Omar Pacha

Craig Garrigan: Skyland Kings > Dundee Stars

Four years ago Garrigan was a Star in the U20’s team but left to tackle the North American scene. First with the Ontario Hockey Academy’s U18 squad from 2016 – 2014, he then moved to the Skyland Kings from 2014 – 2018. With the Kings Garrigan recorded an impressive 82 points in only 40 games over the 17/18 season.

At the age of 20, Garrigan has had an impressive career so far, to top it off, he held the role of assistant caption for the GB U20’s team throughout the World Junior Championships.

“Craig is a very fast and skilful player that has a lot of potential. He works extremely hard all over the ice and brings a strong asset in his hard shot. I think Craig is a perfect fit for the club. He has a big summer ahead of him and we are looking forward to working together” – Omar Pacha

Connor Cox: University of Saskatchewan > Dundee Stars

Straight from the University of Saskatchewan, Cox brings experience from 278 WHL games where he gained 105 points at the age of 25. Playing with teams such as the Moose Jaw Warriors, Saskatoon Blades and the Canadian Pacific U17 team, Cox certainly has a wide skill set to pull from for the EIHL.

“Connor is a really smooth skating defenseman and plays the puck extremely well. He joins us from one of the best university hockey programmes in Canada and will be a big asset in this league”. “Connor will be playing in many different situations here at the Stars and we are looking forward to working with him over the coming season” – Omar Pacha

Charles Corcoran: Brown University > Dundee Stars

The most recent signing being Charles Corcoran, straight from Brown University in Providence, Rhode Island which is part of the NCAA. During Corcoran’s four year spell in the team between 2014 – 2018, he recorded 54 points over a total of 110 games.

“Charles is an extremely creative player. His biggest asset is his hockey mind. He is a young guy that makes clever plays. He will be a big player for us this season and we are looking forward to working with him here in Dundee” – Omar Pacha

Adam Harding: Dundee Stars > Milten Keynes Lightning

Icing 39 times over the 17/18 season and a total of 11 points, Harding is a strong forward player with the ability to work through tight defences. Harding has already made his debut with MK Lightning during Puck Aid and is a strong signing for the team.

Along with the confirmed transfers we also have the news that Brian Hart, Lukas Lundvald, Jordan Cownie and Johan Andersson will be returning for 18/19 with Omar Pacha signing on for another 3 years as General Manager. The Stars are not messing around by any means…

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