A Run Down on the NHL Gaming World Championship

With the first ever NHL gaming world championship nearing its end and crowning its first ever champion at the grand final, taking place in the E-sports Arena in Las Vegas, a day before the NHL awards. We take run down on what’s happened so far.

With the first ever World Championship title and a cash prize of $50,000 up for grabs, 8 competitors from each of the 3 regions would battle it out for the two spots per region open for the Vegas final.

Photo: nhl.com / EU Top 8

First up was the EU regional finals taking place in Stockholm, Sweden it would be the Fins that would invade with only one Swedish native making the cut.

For all competitors it would be all business. Playing for the title and most of all the cash price and ticket to Vegas. It would be Erik Tammenpaa that would become the EU Regional Champion and take home an additional $5000 cash prize having won all of his games in the top bracket.

With every winner their is a runner up and also a 2nd ticket to the final in Vegas. Taking that spot would be Arttu Mustila. Having been knocked down the lower bracket in round one by none other than the winner Tammenpaa, However Mustilla would go all the way for a second chance to face off again with the EU champion but fall short.


cut (1)
Photo: nhl.com / CA Top 8

Next up was the Candians and their top 8 to battling for the two spots up for grabs in the Regional Finals in Toronoto.

Showing a bit more emotion in their gameplay it would be the Candians who would produce the better play style in the entire competition.

Taking the first spot and $5000 was Nicola Bruna. Strong performance throughout and dominating the upper bracket and would face the runner up to win and become the Canada Regional Champion.

The Runner Up, Matthew Grenier losing would get another chance to make it the the regional grand having too dominated in the upper bracket. Grenier would go down to the lower bracket and got on to win to face Bruna for a second time and losing but still securing a ticket to the Vegas final.


cut (2).jpg

Lastly are the US top 8. Players showing more emotion during game play than the other regionals and made this entertaining to watch.

Taking home that additional $5000 and ticket to the Vegas finals was John Casagranda. Dominating throughout the top bracket, he would make it all the way and would meet the runner up in the upper bracket final.

David Roebuck would take the 2nd ticket to Vegas and would secure his spot by winning the lower bracket final to face off again Casagranda.


Photo: NHL.com / Top 6

The final will take place in Vegas the day before the NHL Awards and will stream live on the NHL Twitch channel.


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