Tom Wilson will not receive further discipline from NHL DOPS

It’s the Stanley Cup final. Something that had been alien to the Washington Capitals for 20 years and top liner Tom Wilson lays a shoulder to shoulder check on an unaware Jonathan Marchessault.

Was it clean? There’s debate. Have a look for yourself. Marchessault wasn’t in possession of the puck, he’d passed it meer seconds before impact. The call on the ice at the time was a two minute interference call. But this is Tom Wilson, if the tables had been turned Wilson would still likely have been in the wrong.

Wilson is a known repeat offender, that much is common knowledge. This season alone he’s been suspended three times this season alone. Including the illegal hit during the second round against the Pittsburgh Penguins that saw him miss the rest of the series and serve a three game suspension.

This hit however saw him take a two minute penalty for interference.

The department of player safety review all hits but since this one didn’t involve a hit to the head, nor injury to the player involved I would argue this was the correct call. No further punishment has been given.

Wilson is known for his controversial hits and while I may be a little biased, I truly can’t imagine in this current era of the NHL that any player, let alone one in the Capitals current position would want to risk a lengthy suspension.

I often liken Wilson to the big dog at the park who likes to play with the little dogs, but often forgets how big he truly is.

At this time of the year though, emotions are running high. There’s a lot at stake and no one wants to see anyone getting injured. The hit itself was just one of many memorable moments in what could arguably be one of the most exciting Stanley Cup final games in recent years.

Where do you stand on the hit? Leave you thoughts in the comments below and don’t forget to join the discussion on our Facebook page.

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