The coaches are on board. Fife ready to build their roster

This coming season is a very special one for the club as on October 1, the oldest club in British ice hockey turns eighty!

First bit of news to come out of the auld barn was the four nations tournament. Comprising of Fife and Manchester, Danish cup champions Aalborg Pirates and also the Odense Bulldogs of the Metal ligen. There are also two DEL 2 sides coming over Fr Germany. They are Eispiraten Cimmitschau and the DEL 2 champions SC Riessersee.

auld barn

Yesterday’s announcement is that firstly Head coach Todd Dutiaume will be returning.

Todd began is playing career with the Fife Flyers in the 1990-91 season and played until the end of the 2014-15 season.

From 2005 he has been the head coach and on his return to the club this year Todd commented “Last season was my most enjoyable as a coach in the past seven years. Winning helps but having good people around you is key. It has reignited that strong desire to continue to drive our club forward and build on the successes of this past campaign” he went on to say “I’ll once again be working beside Jeff who has become a good friend and whose work rate is second to none. Together we hope to once again put together a team that our loyal support can identify with and get behind.

“Behind the scenes things have been busy and we have had an open line of communication with all personnel. Please remain patient and I hope to have some exciting news for you very soon.

“We know fans are eager to hear some signing news, but we are also eager to get the right guys, and build a team that will work for us and that our fans will get behind.

“Enjoy your break and I look forward to seeing everyone again in August.”

Also returning this year for his second year is assistant coach / director of player development Jeff Hutchins, Jeff had this to say.

“Firstly, I am excited to be working with Todd again for the coming season.

“We have built up a strong friendship and working relationship that makes it enjoyable to come to the rink every day. We are focused and ready to push this great club to the next level after last year’s successes.

“I personally had a lot of fun working with last year’s group, and had an enjoyable season. I have now turned my focus to next season and to what challenges may lie ahead for us.

“I’m looking forward to seeing everyone in August and I’m excited for the 2018/19 season.”

YouTube Post Match Todd Dutiaume – Third Place Playoff

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