Stadel Departs Stars

The Dundee Stars signings have been coming thick and fast but a surprising announcements has come straight from Manchester Storm. Riley Stadel, expected to return to Stars for 18/19, has been signed to Storm for the upcoming season.

Riley, aged 22, joined the Dundee Stars for 17/18 and soon became a fan favourite.

Before signing to the Stars, Stadel had been racking up the ice time in Canada. With the longest stint being being from 12/17 with the Kelowna Rockets, he iced a total of 270 and recorded 105 points.

Adding to this, during 12/13, Rile clocked some ice time with the Canadian U17 team. In total he iced 5 times without recording any points.

Signed to the Dundee Stars for 17/18, Stadel settled in quickly and recorded 21 points whilst icing 37 times. He did take some time out mid January after a fist fight turned bad against Breahead and caused him 5 weeks of crucial ice time.

Despite his time at Dundee, the Stars were slow to consider bringing him back so Manchester took the opportunity and snatched the young defenceman.

The announcement come on June 2nd and has been received well by fans.

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