May 2018

Firstly, I want to say hello and welcome to all of our new followers across Facebook and Twitter. We have seen so many new ones and it’s exciting to see that we are being welcomed in with open arms.

At Chasing The Puck, we consider ourselves a team. It isn’t just one person (me) bossing everyone around, we work as a team all together. We have had an influx of amazing writers, each with their own talents and who all want to see Chasing The Puck succeed and grow.
To our fans

The discussions that have happened all over social media is wonderful as we always want to provide thought provoking and comment worthy content. To see so many people interacting with our content really makes the effort and the research worth it. We hope we can provide you with the content that you enjoy reading. If there is every anything you wish to see that you don’t think we provide, drop us an email at
To the team

I know I tell you guys all the damn time, but I’m so proud of what we are creating. I may have started this website over 2 years ago, but you all are now giving it life. You have heard my dreams and you now live and strive for them with me. Each day we get closer to making those dreams a reality. Every single day you amaze me with your creativity and the content that you produce is blowing me away.

I’m so thankful to each and every one of you that has stepped up to fill the gaps where needed. You’re all superstars. Let’s keep working and here’s to another month of great success.


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