Beers, Beards & Lord Stanley

Six craft beers that make perfect play-off final company … and Patrik Laine’s beard

What goes hand-in-hand with match night – Beer, right?

And what goes hand-in-hand with NHL play-offs? Beards!

With my old pal Mills from the Red Elephant Beer Cellar and his exceptionally well-groomed beard, it’s like watching the Stanley Cup finals, from the Loge Boxes at the T-Mobile Arena, every day.

Whenever I’m in the market for beer, he is my go to guy. I asked Mills how many pints of beer he drinks a week…


“I like to try one or two cans a night as market research”…


Market research on the beach…


Market research in the snow…


A Christmas-market-research-tree behind his market research!?


My point is – he knows his beer!


Back to Hockey

Being NHL fans in the UK is a tough gig with the time difference. Waiting up until 1am to catch f/o for the Caps v GK’s games has been killer, so I’ve asked my old pal Mills to pick us out 6 of his finest craft beers that will be perfect for keeping us company on Thursday night during what could be our LAST late-night, play-off-final stake out of the season:

1. Wander Beyond Brewing: Illicium Milkshake IPA.

What’s not to love about drinking a 10% can that tastes like a shake?!

WAnder Beyond

2. Unity: Collision.

An absolute beast of a release from such an underrated brewery. A firm favourite in our shop.


3. Verdant: Unlike Stars.

A highly sought after Cornish brewery. Think murky, dank, thick juice. Can never have too many!

Unlike Stars


Nice to see a brewery producing a GF beer that’s full of taste and flavour.


5. Beavertown: Bloody ‘Ell.

Oranges and beer. What’s not to like? A London brewery constantly pushing out enjoyable releases.


6. Black Flag: West Coast IPA.

One of the shops favourite breweries. Highly underrated Cornish micro-brewery. Thick, hazy, juicy cans. Ommmm.

Black Flag

Definitely worth a taste. You can grab all of these @

I also asked him what he thought of the Winnipeg Jets Patrik Laine’s playoff beard…


“I just googled Patrik Laine and the first thing that came up was his beard. What a waste of a google”


Although he’s not the biggest hockey fan (he’s more of a baseball kinda guy), his analysis of Patrik Laine’s beard is a sentiment shared throughout the hockey world…



I also asked Mills if he had any good beard advice for Patrik…


“My first piece of advice for that beard would be to shave it off. Failing that, my second piece of advice would be to use a good balm that groups it all together in a strong and shiny mould”


So, Patrik, listen up and get in touch with Mills if you want next season’s playoff beard to look more like this…


and less like this…

Screen Shot 2018-06-04 at 10.36.29

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