Dare to believe

The scene is set, the stakes have never been higher. Tonight, the Washington Capitals take on the Vegas Golden Knights in Game 5. If the Capitals win, they take home the elusive Lord Stanley Cup. If they lose? The Golden Knights, live to fight another battle. It’s 3-1 in battles, but who will win the war?

As a UK Capitals fan, these playoffs have been a killer. Pre-game naps aren’t just for players when you have work in the morning – they are an absolute essential. Into bed at 9pm for maybe 3 hours of kip before getting up to cheer on the boys. That’s if of course you can sleep.

T’was the night before playoffs when all through the house,

Not a creature was stirring not even a mouse.

The children had hung out their banners with care in the hope that Lord Stanley soon would be there.

Mama in her Kuzy and I in my cap(itals) had just settled our brains for a pre-game nap.

This has been a history making post-season for both the teams in this final. This time last year, one team was only just beginning and the other had yet to beat their demon in the Pittsburgh Penguins. It is very much a fairytale, regardless of outcome.

Fast forward to now and the Washington Capitals have not only just recorded their third Stanley Cup final win in franchise history, but they are just one win from everything that fans have dreamed of since the fateful series against Detroit.

I can hear you all now screaming ‘DON’T SAY THAT! THAT’S JINXY.’ I get that, but the fact the Capitals have got this far and regardless of the outcome this is just, something else.

This is a team who want to win. You can see it when you watch them. No longer is it one superstar trying to win a cup with a somewhat lack lustre supporting cast. It is an entire team who are pushing themselves each and every night, trying to do themselves and their fans proud.

The District went insane after the win, lining the streets and just… Wow.

The fans are believing, its like Christmas Eve in DC and we know Playoff Santa is definitely going to have been here by morning but will he be leaving Lord Stanley in our playoff stockings or will it be another lump in our throats as the series goes to game 6?

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