Washington Capitals are Stanley Cup Champions!

After what can only be described as an absolute roller-coaster of a game, captain Alex Ovechkin skates across the ice to a tumultuous applause to raise the Stanley Cup for the first time ever.

No longer will there be jokes about the White Russian with no cup. No. That white Russian comes with a huge cup, big and silver and shiny.

For too many years the Capitals have been called ‘chokers’, losing out in the second round to Pittsburgh more times than the fans like to recall, but tonight that is a faint and distant memory as Alex Ovechkin skates around T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada before handing the cup to an equally emotional Nicklas Backstrom.

There were tears all around, players, families and fans have taken to social media to share their celebrations. Including RMNB founder Ian Oland, who shared this on YouTube.

I’ve spent the last 3 hours just watching this moment over and over again. After so long, I think I’m in shock. I’ve cried, I’ve laughed. I’ve woken my long suffering husband up at 4am to tell him “We bloody did it! We won the Stanley Cup!”

My 5 year old daughter went to bed last night clutching my Caps cap because she wanted to be a part of it too. Guess I should buy her that Oshie jersey she’s been pestering me about.

Celebrate fans, this is ours. Our reward for many years of heartbreak and for the dedication we show our team no matter what.

Alex Ovechkin
•NHL Rookie of the Year
•9x NHL All-Star
•607 Regular Season Goals
•1,122 Regular Season points
•Most postseason goals in Capitals history
•Conn Smythe 🏆 Winner
•3x Hart 🏆 Winner (MVP)
•Art Ross 🏆 Winner
•Maurice Richard 🏆 Winner
#StanleyCup Champion

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