4 Nations Cup Update

Well just a little update regarding the 4 nations cup tournament taking place, Fife have confirmed today that SC Riessersee are no longer taking part in the competition and that they have dropped out of the DEL 2. Taking there place from the DEL 2 will be Tolzer Lowen.

Christian Donbeck: „Wollen die ganze Region für die Tölzer Löwen begeistern“

A spokesperson for the Fife Flyers had this to say “When we heard that SC Riessersee would not be competing in the 2018/19 DEL 2 Season, we were a bit concerned. Both Jeff Hutchins and Ryan Finnerty got straight on the case to find out what was happening, and to find a suitable replacement team. As the flights and accommodation had already been booked and paid for, it was imperative the guys found a team nearby, who could follow the same travel route, We were relieved and happy when Tölzer Löwen confirmed that they would be happy to step in, and we are sure both the Flyers and Storm fans will give them a warm welcome.” the spokesperson also said “We will continue to work on our plans for the 2018/19 season and although we haven’t made any signing announcements yet, we are continuing with our negotiations and hope to have some news soon.”

That is a great shame that the German team has had to pull out but it’s good they have found a replacement.

My only problem is the last statement every other team in the league has at least half a team signed yet the Flyers are bringing out statements like we are still continuing with negotiations



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