How British hockey fans can cope with the off season – A fool proof guide

The final buzzer has sounded, the sticks and gloves have been thrown in the air, the Washington Capitals are the Stanley Cup champions.

Now what?

As amazing as the Stanley Cup final is, it also signifies the end of the hockey season and a period where hockey fans have to find something else to fuel their addict like passion.

So are you worried about what to do for the next couple of months?

No need to fear, We’re here to help.

Here’s our completely serious and not at all laced with sarcasm guide of how to cope with the offseason.

1. Cry, a lot.

What else are you going to do? You’re a hockey fan in the UK, how else are you going to make people think you’re interesting, and what else are you going to tell girls on Tinder to make them think you’re cool?

You can’t stand by the water machine in work complaining about how tired you are from staying up to watch the NHL, and there’s little point reminding everyone every five minutes you’re a hockey fan (you all do it, don’t lie), so get into bed, lie back, grab your tissues and sob.

2. Find another sport.

Luckily it’s 2018 so that means it’s a World Cup year, get into that for a bit.

Sure it’s not as good, but a lot of people seem to like it. It’s like when you didn’t watch Game of Thrones, you’d listened to how supposedly great it was so you gave it a try and weren’t disappointed.

Besides, it’s only for a month,

3. Take up a new hobby

The list is endless, take up trainspotting, get into knitting, recreate that pottery scene from the film Ghost. Just do anything to pass the time (apart from hard drugs)

4. Sleep, all the time.

Can’t miss hockey if you’re not awake to miss it. Sure you’ll lose your job but who needs them anyway?! (If my boss reads this, that was a joke, I need my job, please don’t fire me xoxo)

5. Research offseason events

You’ve always wanted to understand the NHL Draft better, so why not learn more and research it.

OR wait for our NHL Draft FAQs to be published in the next few weeks.

There is no such thing as a shameless plug.

6. Get into internet fights.

Pick your platform and go for it. Find any opinion that is even slightly different to yours and go in on it. This could be hockey or non hockey related.

Make people learn that there’s no such thing as a safe opinion.

7. Complain about lack of signings

You’ve heard a rumour your EIHL team has apparently already signed most of their players but haven’t announced them.

How dare they withhold information from you!

They should publish the team in May and leave you to find a way to complain about the lack of updates until the season starts.

8. Read stupid blog posts

Well done! You’re reading this so you’ve already checked number 8 off the list!

9. Take up golf

The players do it, why don’t you? It might not be for everyone but it gets you out in the sun if you pick the right day (they are few and far between in the UK) and it means after your round you’re a few hours closer to the season starting.

10. It’s the summer, make the most of longer days.

Set your alarm, get up early, enjoy the day, never miss a 6am Steelers announcement again!

11. Get into advanced stats

You’ve always wanted to learn what the hell Corsi is, nows your time!

But forget it all when the EIHL season starts, we don’t do advanced stats here.

12. Do lots of overtime in work.

Makes those away trips during the season more affordable.

13. Try and keep up with friends from hockey in ways that doesn’t involve you all meeting at the pub.

Who am I kidding, you’ll fail at this. You already have.

14. Find god

Your team usually plays their home games on Sunday, so why not go to church on Sunday as well. With some of your obsession you could do with mixing in a bit of Jesus every now and then.

15. Finally, write a stupid post about how to enjoy the offseason.

Guilty. As. Charged.

So we hope this helps, if it doesn’t that’s not our fault and we take no responsibility for any continued sadness.

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