CTPHockey EXCLUSIVE | Jordan Marr

Jordan Marr talks exclusively to Chasing The Puck about his time with Fife, the mental toll on being a back up goalie and his move to the NIHL Peterborough Phantoms.

On the 17th May it was announced that Jordan Marr was leaving Scotland for the Phantoms and we interrupted his TV viewing time to chat about how the move to Peterborough came to be.

What made you decide to leave Fife? Especially with all the success you had last season.

The biggest thing for me was being somewhere I knew I was going to get the opportunity to start every week. It’s tough to ride the bench all year, and I felt like starting in the NIHL would help me to progress, and probably take less of a mental toll on me away from the rink

What do you mean by a mental toll?

When you are playing regularly you usually have an opportunity to string games together and gain a bit momentum with your performance. When you are playing sporadically, once a month or only getting mop up time, it’s tough to get that momentum and feel good about your game. It takes a bit of a toll on your mind at times being a professional hockey player who rarely plays.

I can only imagine. How did the opportunity in Peterborough come about?

Slava spoke to me last summer before I signed with Fife and we had a few conversations before I made to the decision to try the Elite league. He got in touch not long after this past year finished up and asked if I was interested. Took a week to think things over and decided playing in Peterborough would be a great experience and my best option.

Being in the nihl seems to have been a great opportunity for Renny too. In what ways will your routines change now, being a starter?

Yeah its really helped Renny progress having a goalie coach and being given a great opportunity to show he’s one of the top British goalie prospects. I wouldn’t say my routine changes, you try to prepare the same way every game.

How do you see the game being different in a lower league?

I think it’ll will be similar to the EPL maybe not quite back to that level since the import level is lower. At the end of the day a goalies job is to stop the puck, so no matter the standard or speed of play, you have to make sure you’re prepared as best as you can to help your team win.

Will you have the opportunity to have a goalie coach with the Phantoms?

I’m not exactly sure. I know Euan King will be there, he’s worked as a goalie coach in the England set up, so perhaps we can work together in practice when we have the opportunity and bounce some ideas off each other.

Are you looking forward to moving away from Scotland?

Yeah, I enjoyed living back with my parents for the last season and a bit but it’ll be nice to get out their hair and try somewhere new.

I’m bet they didn’t mind! But I’m sure it will be nice to go on a new adventure. You looking forward to playing Renny and the Wildcats?

I think the first time will be cool, but i think after the novelty wears off, we’re both just other goalies to trying to win to each other.

Surely sibling rivalry will still come into play?

I think we both want to win no matter what, it wouldn’t matter if it was Renny or any other goalie I’ve played against. Maybe in the summer we can joke about who had the upper hand.

If you want to find out more about Jordan Marr, take a look at his Behind The Mask by clicking HERE

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