Ovechkin & Holtby on the Jimmy Fallon show

Five days after winning the Stanley Cup, it touched down in New York City. Still attached to captain Alex Ovechkin and with Braden Holtby keeping a watch out.

Holtby & Ovechkin as they bring the Cup to New York (instagram/@capitals)

Later on that evening the two men were on the Jimmy Fallon show to talk about their success.

After 13 years in the NHL and multiple 2nd round losses, the Russian captain can now say he’s a Stanley Cup Champion. Its been one hell of a year for him, married, cup win and now a baby on the way with his wife Nastya.

Braden Holtby also spoke about his roots in country music. His mother Tami is a famous country singer in Canada and taught Braden to play as a child. “We only do it for good luck.” He tells Fallon. “I played one time and then we went on a twenty game win streak. No one wants to hear me play.”

Ovi and Holts help Jimmy get a proper drink from the cup (Andrew Lipovsky/NBC)

They were then joined by jockey Mike Smith and the four of them start drinking what I can hope to assume was beer, out of the cup with paper straws before Holtby and Ovechkin lift Jimmy to drink straight from Lord Stanley’s cup.

It’s amazing, take a look for yourself.

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