Edmonds and Inglis Stay With Stars – Or Do They?

If you follow the Dundee Stars on FaceBook then you may have noticed some signing news! Ben Edmonds and Kris Inglis have re-signed with the Stars for 2018/2019. Although, it seems this news was a bit premature as the post was removed pretty quickly…

Looking at both players, they originate from Dundee and have had put in the hours. Ingles and Edmonds haven’t been at the top of the game for the Stars, they seem to have skated in the middle ground for the majority of the season past season.

Edmonds actually come through the ranks in Dundee. In 2013, Edmonds first began with the U18’s team where he iced 16 times and recorded 16 points, between 2013 and 2016 he iced 38 times and recorded a huge 109 points with the U20’s Stars team.

From 2015 to 2018, Ben iced a total of 100 times for the Stars in the EIHL but recorded 7 points. Mainly within 17/18, he was a player that never really stood out, here’s hoping that he can have a stand out season.

When asked what he liked most about playing for his home town, Edmonds replied “It’s a great feeling playing for my hometown team, it’s been something I’ve wanted since I watched them when I was younger.”

Inglis has shared a lot of the same path as Edmonds but actually started slightly easier by joining Dundee in 2012, in 12/13 he iced 13 times and recorded 4 points with the Stars U18’s team. Moving on up to the U20’s team, he iced a total of 45 times and recorded a good 87 points.

During the 17/18 season, Kris iced 80 times with the EIHL team but recorded 2 assists. Towards the end of the season, it felt like Ingles was more at home and became and bigger presence on the ice, hopefully he doesn’t get overshadowed but the new hot shots Pacha is roping in for 18/19.

Inglis enjoys the environment at Dundee and commented “The fans here are great and get right behind us. When the building is full and noisy it really drives us forward.”

After the announcement was made Friday evening and quickly disappeared without a trace, there hasn’t a peep from either player. We should expect the signing news in the coming week or two since we already know…

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