Eye of the Storm – Lost our Voice

The Manchester Storm team of 1995 will go down in history for a number of reasons. The club immediately won their division as they were watched by crowds of 6,300+ in the newly built NYNEX arena and the Storm went on to become a founding member of the Ice Hockey Superleague.

These are defining moments for any club.

But there was something else the Storm possessed that few other teams had. The Manchester Storm had Jon Hammond, the Storm had a voice.

The first signing the Storm made was to snap up this charismatic enigma, a man who’s personality and passion are unmatched has been there since day one of the Manchester Storm, through the lofty highs and the dark lows he has always been a shining spark.

But nothing is forever and this wonderful man has decided that it’s time to finally hang up his yellow jacket and call time on his career with the Manchester Storm, leaving behind a wonderful legacy that it will be hard to match.

Jon spoke to the official Manchester Storm website and said;

I have made a huge number of friends in the Ice Hockey world and it’s been an honour and a pleasure to have been at the heart of the Manchester Storm for so long. I have worked with some great people and also have been fortunate to have seen generations of families become supporters. My sincere thanks go to everyone who has let me cajole, tease and generally look around with them every season”

Mr. Hammond I can assure you, the honour is most definitely ours and we here at chasing the puck, myself especially, wish you all the best in everything you do in the future.

You sir are the John Motson of the hockey world and I whole heartedly salute you.


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