Liam Kirk drafted 189th overall by Arizona Coyotes!

Liam Kirk on ice for Team GB (photo:IHUK)

Rotherham born Liam Kirk is drafted 3rd in the 7th round of the NHL entry draft 2018 by the Arizona Coyotes.

He joins Belfast’s Colin Shields and also Tony Hand as Great Britain’s 3rd born and trained drafted players.

Having spent his youth training in the Sheffield system with the Steeldogs and going on to play with the Sheffield Steelers in the top tier of British hockey, he flew out to Buffalo earlier this month to take part in the combine where he did much better than anyone expected.

One prospect site had this to say about Kirk;

“Long term British hopeful from the top English League. Tall, thin, with really good dash, feet, and a high offensive skill level. Is a project that will need to leave home for the CHL or a strong Swedish team and begin adding muscle. Needs to grow his game against tougher competition.

–Bill Placzek–

Kirk was part of the gold medal winning team for Great Britian as they were promoted to the top tier of international competition this past year. Next year GB will be competing at the IIHF World Championships with Canada, USA and Russia among others.

He is Britain’s highest drafted player. Colin Shields went at 200th and Tony Hand at 252nd.

Congratulations Liam! I’m pretty sure I can speak for all British fans when I say we wish you all the best with what comes next!

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