Callum Boyd joins the Racers


With the Edinburgh Capitals death came the rebirth of the Murrayfield Racers.

Though things may have not gone to plan for the Racers, they are still going full speed ahead, competing in the Scottish National League and the NIHL North Cup in the 2018/19 season with the hopes of Elite Hockey returning to Scotland’s capital next year.

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Vegas didn’t nail the draft, but they didn’t need to

Ivan Morozov – Source:

The Vegas Golden Knights May have had to wait until day two of the NHL draft, but just how well did they do this weekend in helping their team down the line?

Nobody expects you to find an NHL ready talent on day two, let alone outside the top 5 picks usually, so the Golden Knights will just have to keep pumping players into their prospect pool to try and make sure that the incredible inaugural season they’ve just had wasn’t one fuelled by hype, but more fuelled by an actually competitive team that will be just that for the foreseeable future.

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Did Arizona waste the fifth overall pick?

Credit: Michael Ainsworth/AP Photo

Right okay, the drafts done so now we can say who had a great and who had an awful draft before these kids have even hit the ice.

It sounds unfair but it’s what hockey fans want so it’s what hockey fans get, the days after the draft are either full of hype or full of character assassination, you’ll have to find out where this post falls by reading on further.

Arizona, you had the fifth pick, Filip Zadina was available when nobody expected him to be, so with the fifth overall selection the Arizona Coyotes select…Barrett Hayton?

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