Clan Hijack Heelis from rivals!

HeelisBraehead Clan set the cat firmly amongst the pidgeons by announcing the signing of Canadian forward Liam Heelis.

Heelis joins from the Clan’s rivals, the Fife Flyers, who are just off the back their most successful season in the Elite League era, winning the Gardiner Conference title.

Heelis was tied 2nd for the most points for the Flyers last season in Elite League games, with Chase Schaber on 61 points, only 1 point behind Flyers top scorer last season Carlo Finnuci, despite playing 2 games less than both of his teammates.  Adding in his Challenge Cup performances and it is more pleasant reading for the Clan fans, 61 games in total, scoring 23 goals and assisting in 46 other goals for 69 points.

That’s more than anyone scored for the Glasgow side last season.

Speaking to Clan’s official website, head coach Pete Russell spoke of how Heelis was one of his primary targets.

“I am delighted to add forward Liam Heelis to our roster for the season ahead, from day one Liam was a main target I wanted with us in Glasgow.

“Liam was a player I really noticed last season every night I saw him play. He is strong both ways, has offensive upside and plays a good gritty game.

“Liam is also a very smart player, makes good decisions and has natural leadership qualities. All I have heard is good things about him.

“Liam can and will play in all situations, and will be a big player for us on and off the ice.

“We have had some great communications and it’s going to be great to work together. He comes to compete every night and has a team first attitude.

“He is another important piece of the jigsaw and again we are absolutely delighted he is joining us.”

The Canadian/Irish forward will also be studying for his PhD in sport psychology at Glasgow Caledonian University through the course of the forthcoming campaign.

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