How to make friends & influence people – Isles slam into rebuild mode after J*** T****** jumps ship


CTP’s in-house New York Islanders fanatic Matthew Burgess gives his take on a busy twenty-four hours for the Isles.

Nobody can question anybody in any job in any industry for choosing to make a career move.

To earn more money, to be offered better terms, go back to family, to improve your chances of success… whatever it is, fine, moving on, changes and new opportunities are a part of life but John, you’re dead me.

What you delivered as a player for the New York Islanders will never be forgotten but neither will the way in which you strung the team up and left us hanging for days, requesting earlier in the season not to be traded, the wanna play for the Islanders for life quotes, the wall of silence, the proud to be “from” Long Island quotes, the stupid pyjama photo of you as a kid as soon as you announced you had left the organisation.

If you wanted to go back, fine but you should have just said and gave a team which you say to have been proud to be play for the respect it deserves.

Time will tell whether the decision to move to Toronto was the right one but I’m pretty sure in ten years time, or whenever it is, when you sit down having retired as a hockey player and reflect on your career, you’ll look back at the manner in which you left the Islanders with regret.

I hope you settle and are happy in Toronto but I no longer respect you and couldn’t care less for how your career pans out. A little bit of transparency and honesty would’ve gone a long way.

And that’s the end of J*** T******.

It’s been a surreal twenty-four since that news broke on Sunday afternoon. The Islanders just feels different and I guess that’s because it is now – the team’s identity has completed changed over the last couple of months and this latest piece of news feels like the end of an era, it’s brought some fucking closure.

The surreal nature of the last day certainly hasn’t been helped by a number of transactions involving the Islanders amidst all the headlines.

The Isles have a clear need to recruit players now and Lou Lamoriello is going to have to be at his creative best if the roster is to be at all improved on last season’s. But the re-signing of defenceman Thomas Hickey (4 years at $2.5 million) and the signings of depth fowards Leo Komarov and Valtteri Filppula are a bit meh and underwhelming at best.

Last season’s main goaltender Jaro Halak and less notably Chris Wagner have both signed with the Bruins as unrestricted free agents, but rumours linking current Islanders free agent Calvin de Hann and ex-Isle favourite with moves to the New York Rangers adds to the general ‘WTF?’ feel around the team right now.

The Islanders need to get busy, they simply have to.

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