The Racers are Back; check out their logo

Murrayfield Racers have gone back to the future for their new logo. The team will play out of Murrayfield Ice Rink in the NIHL1 Cup and the SNL.

The logo has been created by an Edinburgh-based designer who first saw Racers play when he was 11-years-old.

The new logo will appear on all Racers kits and merchandise as well as on the club’s new website and in social media.

Tony Hand, Murrayfield Racers’ director of hockey, said: “I was always proud to pull on a Racers jersey as a player and I’m sure players and fans will feel the same about wearing this logo.

“The Racers will have the City of Edinburgh colours of black and white with a nod to the past with red running through.

“I really like this logo and think the club will look professional both on and off the ice.”

The original Murrayfield Racers name was adopted in 1966 after the purchase of some strips from Haringey Racers whose name came from the nearby greyhound track.

These strips had Racers emblazoned on them so the club took that name.

Racers director Willie Dunn said: “This modern logo that takes from the past and looks forward to the future.

“We are not just creating a logo with this but a strong brand and identity.”

David Orkisz of award-winning, Edinburgh-based, DO Design, created the logo and revealed: “I first went to ice hockey when I was 11-years-old to see Racers play.

“Therefore, I wanted to create an identity for the team based on its history and one that fans old and new will be proud to wear. I believe I have achieved this.”

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