Eye of the Storm – Hammond Returns

One thing every Storm fan has been sweating over during the summer break is wether or not the league’s leading scorer would be back with us for the 2018-2019 season.

Today we got our answer.

The 28-year old British born, Canadian trained forward is the 12th signing of the Manchester Storm and is without a doubt the most important in my eyes.

When a single player records 83 points in 56 games, you want to make sure you tie that contract up quickly. Hammond was without a doubt the most instrumental player on the ice last season in the Storm push for the Patton title.

After his exploits with team GB in the world championships many believed that Hammond could return to previous club Braehead/Glasgow Clan. Thankfully he stayed where he belongs!

Head Coach Ryan Finnerty was equally ecstatic to have the leagues top man back in board:

“We are really happy to have Mike back at the club, he was a big part of our success last year. Along with his point production he also came up with some big goals in some key games. We need more of the same this year as we look to push the teams at the top”

Welcome back to the shelter Like and I hope you keep on being awesome!

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